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  1. Hello I'm actually trying to use the SEND/RETURN option on my DT50 Head with my BOSS GT-6. My goal is to use the GT-6 only for special effects (Preamp and distorsion/overdrive disabled), and keep the preamp stage og my DT50 Head active. So I think with the 4 wires method we have : GUITAR (output) -----> (Input) GT-6 (Send) ------> (Input) DT-50 (Send) ------> (Return) GT-6 (Output) -----> (Return) DT-50 It should insert the effect this way : Guitar signal ----> DT50 Preamp ----> Effect ----> DT50 PowerAmp But I noticed : 1-The Master Volume rotary has no effect on the volume 2-The Chanel Volume rotary has no effect on the volume 3-All Channel parameters rotary have no effect on the signal (DRIVE, BASS, MEDIUM,TREBBLE, PRESENCE, REVERB) Is it normal, or am I missing something ? This is a really bad news if it is the expected result as I would have like to keep the good sound of my DT-50 but just add some effect to it. Thank you for your help.
  2. @geppert "What you can also try as an experiment for TOP 1, is to put the Gain all the way up full, lower the Channel Volume so you are not blasting yourself, play some strong chords (with guitar up full) and see if the sound is still clean enough for you, if not, back the Gain down a bit (raising the Channel Vol to compensate) until you find the sweet spot where the Gain setting is still providing the clean tone of a Fender Amp" "Lower the Channel Volume so you are not blasting yourself" : No need to worry....even with the channel Volume raised to the MAX, the sound is easy to support (that's the problem in FACT) "raising the Channel Vol to compensate" : Sorry, I'm already to the Max.... When I read your answer, I'm really wondering if our DT50 have the same behaviour (If not, my DT50 (and Yanitzch's DT50) seems to have a problem). :) Hope everybody understand what I mean. And thank you again for the help (from community, and Line6 if possible)
  3. Hi again, so if I understand well, it is normal that in Topo I, "low volume mode" give more power than "high Volume mode" ? And it is normal as well that we need to push the Master knob to 100 % in Topo I to have 95dB when we reach largly this power in 10% on other Topos ? If everybody has this same behaviour, so I will deal with it... I just think it's strange, no ??? :) Finally, I think the big problem is the lack of documentation provided by Line6. We don't know what to expect from our product, so if something looks weird, we automatically think that there is a problem with it. In the same idea, upgrading a product without giving the possibility to manage it correctly is again a fail from Line6 (I'm talking about firmware 2.0). Not everybody has an Iphone. An android app, and of course a windows/Mac/Linux app should be availlable as well to control thous new features. (I know about DTedit, but it's a third party developpment, I just find it crazy that Line6 did not this great job!) I would appreciate the answer of a Line6 expert, I need to be sure that Line6 cares their customers.
  4. Hello everybody, I proudly received my DT50 Head and DT50 Cabinet last week. I did not had much time for tests, but I clearly noticed a lack of sound on Topology I as well. To have some idea of the problem, I measured the sound level with an android app. The only problem is that the microphone can get more than 95dB, so I realized the test with this value in mind :) Test are done on Channel A, and Volume Knob to the MAX. TOPO I : Master Pulled out (Low Volume mode) : rotary MASTER to the MAX : 94 db - rotary MASTER to 50% : 77db Master Pulled in (High Volume mode) : rotary MASTER to the MAX : 80 db - rotary MASTER to 50% : 77 db (the difference is almost inexistant) => A first weird thing can be noticed : Low Volume mode got Higher Volume than High Volume mode TOPO II : pulled out : Reached 95db with MASTER at 45% pulled in : Reached 95db with MASTER at 10% TOPO III : pulled out : Reached 95db with MASTER at 45% pulled in : Reached 95db with MASTER at 25% TOPO IV pulled out : Reached 95db with MASTER at 45% pulled in : Reached 95db with MASTER at 10% Of course I understand that there are adjustment to do on the Master Knob when swithching from a modelled amp and another. But in this case, the Topology I do really have something wrong. It would be great to know where is this problem coming from, if my DT50 Head does only need a Tube replacment, or if it has to be repared in a Service Center (which is really far !!! 250 km). Thank you for your help.
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