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  1. We are in bad need of a FIREHAWK 1500 HELP page like the Helix help page
  2. Tried that, I believe it's the amp.
  3. Anyone having issuses with Firehawk app not working. Mine had been working, but haven't used in a couple of days, and now device won't connect with Android or IOS. Also just noticed today, after pressing bluetooth button, then changing preset I get "Load error =1" ???????
  4. Anyone know how to calibrate the FBV3?
  5. I tried to put this in Ideascape but keep getting page not found error It would be a lot easier if the slider view had page swipe instead of arrows at top of page, and just to be safe, use a swipe type panel in order not to swipe accidentally. Please submit this to ideascape
  6. I'm Thinking of getting a used Ipad, But I see ipad 1,2 gen. Ipad 1,2. Don't know anything about Ipads, which versions work best with M20d? Thanks in advance
  7. I just purchased the hd500x recently after selling my gt100, so I could easier use my Jtv. My question is, is there a way to see what variax model you are using without the computer? If there is please let me know, I have pressed every button that I can think of and can't find out. Thanks.
  8. I just traded in the QSC Touchmix for the Stagescape, Learning to use it pretty quickly and I really like it, but I don't think the feedback supression is working, I only seen one video where it demoed it, but I think that was an earlier version of the software. But it showed that when feedback was present it would show a red line at the frequency it was applying supression to, Does ver 1.2 react the same way. if so mine is not working. Also maybe i'm doiing something wrong, but I cant seem to get the same type of clarity and loudness as the QSC..
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