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  1. I tried the adapter route with the original cable, but Line6 state that it needs to be a direct cable and won't work going through an adapter, which rang true when I tried it.
  2. I'm on the edge of the outback, so the nearest decent shop is 200 k's away. Last time I was in town I couldn't find one, so I'll have to let my fingers do the walking.
  3. I think none of them are damaged. The UX1 fires up no probs on my old macbook with the older USB ports, so I'm pretty sure it will fire up when I get hold of a decent quality cable. I've found a belkin cable on the net that should be of higher quality than the two I have tried so far, so fingers crossed.
  4. The two I have tried so far I think have been cheap Chinese junk. I'm going from a macbook pro with the regular usb outputs to a 2019 macbook pro with USB C outputs. It's unlikely that all four ports are defective. There's no problem powering up external drives from them. I'm sure a better quality cable will power up the UX1.
  5. Thanks. I have purchased two already from ebay, and neither of them have powered it up. One powered the light green for a moment, and then it went red. Can you recommend a quality brand? I'm surprised that Line6 don't sell cables as accessories.
  6. Hi all, I've been trying to track down a quality cable that will power my UX1 from a USB C port, but it's proving difficult to find. Does anyone know where I could purchase one?
  7. I dragged my UX1 out of storage and, having upgraded to Sierra since the last time I used it, found that Sierra wasn't detecting it. I just updated the drivers and everything through Monkey, and it's now being detected. Hopefully I won't have the issues with sound quality.
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