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  1. My unit shows I have the model pack. I can use these models any way I choose in my unit. I've run the License Manager and Monkey with my unit connected by USB to my computer. I've reinstalled the latest firmware without saving my settings. Neither one had any affect on my unit so regardless of the piracy protection my model pack is available and I don't have a license for it. I was able to register the serial number of my unit so I'm sure there are no duplicates of the serial number. So the conclusion must be Line 6 recognizes there's only one copy of the purchased model pack installed in one unit. The license manager must be able to read that, verify there are no other copies in any other units and just lets it go. It appears if I want to reset my unit to it's factory settings I can't - technically.
  2. Well, you're right pianoguyy, they're in there. But not in the license manager. I guess Monkey and the Manager have no affect. Just curious. Once they're in there can they be removed?
  3. Thanks for the responses, much appreciated. I'll try that Punkyboy. Pianoguyy - Why?...I bought this used through GC. The display in my Pod HD Pro X shows Metal Pack. I may have had the Metal pack but because I don't have a license for it the models are not available. I assume this happened when I ran the license manager when I first got it. So if I don't own a license for the Metal pack why does it continue to show in the display? I just don't want it to be there if it's not available. OR....because the display shows Metal pack does that mean the models are available? Maybe I just don't know what to look for. I use this for effects only in a 4 cable setup and I really don't pay any attention to the amps and cab models and the names they use for them.
  4. Does anybody know how to UNINSTALL an HD Model Pack from a Pod HD Pro X rack unit? The factory reset procedure (reinstalling the firmware without saving your patches) does not work.
  5. I've read in the Helix Forum of a ground noise issue when using the 4 Cable method with a Mesa Boogie MKV. The Solution was to place an Ebtech Hum Eliminator after the effects send of the Helix and before the Mesa Instrument IN. The same solution can be had at about the 3rd of the price with a Behringer HD400 Hum Destroyer. I play a Mesa Boogie Triple Crown 50 with a Pod HD Pro X and surprisingly this solution works completely flawlessly and I am ecstatic and you will be too if you're struggling with a ground buzz solution! :)
  6. I bought a used Pod HD Pro X through Guitar Center that has the Metal pack installed. If I want to reset my Pod will I lose the Metal pack? How do I save the Metal pack on my PC? Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the response. Not sure how different the Pod HD is internally from the rack unit but it's great to hear how people are setting up their gear. :)
  8. Hey Zilthy, care to share how you set that up? I was in the same predicament with rack gear down to a Flextone II in 2000 and now I'm back with tubes after all of those years. I still have two Flextone II XL's each with a 2x12 cabinet. Regardless, I now own a Mesa TC-50, Pod HD Pro X and an FBVII and couldn't be happier with all of what the Pod HD Pro X has to offer and the MIDI capability. I only use the Pod for FX - no amps, cabs or mics but what a backup if I need it! Problem I'm having is all of the EQing, gain staging, Line, Amp, Stomp switches, FX and Loop placement and like you said "no metering". I'm running 4CM but with all of this flexibility I just don't know if I'm pushing too much here or not enough there. To start I'm using a Tube Screamer, Volume, Wah, Noise Gate, FX Loop, amp disabled, mixer, chorus, delay and the looper is last. It seems it sounds better with the FX Loop before the mixer. I've read it should be after the mixer with mixer channels at +6db, unbalanced out set to Line into the amp's instrument input and the FX Loop set to Stomp. The system is set to in front of stack although I don't particularly like the Mid Focus or the Treble and Bass cuts and it seems to sound better without it when I use the into an amp setting. And then there's the global EQ to mess with or turn it off - not sure if I'm going to use it or not just yet. All this EQing is a bit much. Maybe you can offer what your setup is like just so I can get an idea of what other users are doing. Thanks much.
  9. Hey everyone...I am running two Flextone II XLs simultaneously with one floor board and a MIDI cable connecting the two for simultaneous program changing. Works great except when I step on the wah to shut the wah off the 2nd amp will not shut the wah off. I'm thinking of getting a CAT5 splitter to run one CAT5 from the Floorboard to the splitter and then two CAT5 cables out to each amp. Anything I might need to consider. The amp supplies power to the floorboard and I'm afraid of any consequences if both amps power the floorboard. Any thoughts or suggstions?
  10. Any known mods for a Flextone II? Specifically the XL? I love this amp but anything to send it over the top would be great.
  11. Still diggin' my Flextone II XL. The best amp Line 6 created was the Flextone II. I had a Vetta II and dumped it. My Flextone II XL blew it away. The Vetta had a lot of great features but I never got close to the sound I wanted and the feel wasn't right. I would spend hours tweaking and end up with nothing but wasted time. I dumped an entire Mesa/Boogie Triaxis 8X12 rig for that little amp and never regretted it. I always get great comments on my tone. To answer your question, you might want to check the MIDI controller info in the manual. I can't recall and I am nowhere near my old manual.
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