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  1. I'll take $150. PayPall gift jacek.c.zalewski@gmail DOT com
  2. If my Quad Cortex delivers I'll settle for 150 USD!
  3. Are you using the original 9v power supply from Line 6 with the RFI ferrite choke on the power cable?
  4. jacek69

    30% off Native

    It worked for me now. SALE30. I got it for $69.99 with registered Helix Floor. I tried this morning on my Mac and it didn't work. Then I tried again on my iPhone a few minutes ago and it worked! Maybe Line 6 corrected the bug just now. Item Sku Qty Subtotal Helix Native With Registered Helix Floor or Rack 99-070-0303 1 $99.99 Subtotal $99.99 Discount (SALE30) -$30.00 Grand Total $69.99
  5. I went with Full Helix floor after having Helix LT for a weekend. LT chassis didn't feel sturdy. You can see impressions of the PCB studs on the top panel - not esthetically pleasant. The panel shows fingerprints early, when touched. The pedal looks and feels light duty. The LT doesn't have a microphone input, so there would be a need for extra equipment if you need a mike for recording. I liked the performance display though. I traded my gear (13 pedals, two pedal boards, Pod HD PRO X Rack, Pod HD bean, etc.) at Long & McQuade for Helix LT on Friday. On Monday i returned it and I got a Full Helix Floor. The build quality of aluminum is superior. the finish of aluminum cast is top notch.. Helix Floor is more future proof and versatile..
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