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  1. As a good friend of mine used to say "Buy cheap, buy twice". As someone said earlier, I hit the DSP limit on the first day of use when trying to replicate one of my pod X3 Pro dual tones on the HD. What a joke. I'm a delay and verb maniac so you feel my pain. Then the input circuitry when bad a week or two after that, I had to send it away for repair and the tech support could not replicate the symptoms. Actually the problem I experienced only got fixed with the latest firmware release. Then we have the grounding issues. Everytime I went out to play live with it, I found the hd pro to be overly sensitive to quality of grounding in the venue I was playing in. My rig is plagued with all sorts of HF and LF buzz (not hum, buzz) that the engineer has to solve with HP/LP filters, practically killing my tone. Using the ground lift swith on the pod or DI boxes used on stage does nothing. My good old pod XT live is not affected by these grounding issues (the power source does not have to be 100% coorrectly grounded for it not to produce this insane amount of noise). I even had my les paul recabled and reshielded using copper foil for 200$ thinking this would solve the problem but the problem is in the pod itself. The other guitarist of my band has an all analog rig that uses tech 21 analog modeling gear and perhaps a dozen different pedals, his rig is dead silent regardless of the powering conditions. Then there is the SPDIF issue, not being able to use the pod HD pro as for reamping while keeping the signal path fully digital is just ridiculous for something claiming to be of "pro" grade... The only thing I welcomed was the late addition of the soldano models, but sadly these models eat way more CPU than other models of the HD, which furter reduces the amount of FX I can use. I would like to have patches with 3 different delays and 3 different reverbs and switch them on and off just like with real stomps using the fs5-8 mode on the FBV, but because of the DSP overload I have to use different patches for each delay/rev combination and hence need to suffer a patch switching delay, this makes the setlist design and live operation much too complex. Sometimes I screwed up my patch changes... I decided to sell my pod hd pro last week when I played my last gig, for all the problems I had and still have with it. This unit is just flawed in too many aspects, I'm resigning to shell out lollipoploads of $$$ on an axe fx 2 soon, hopefully I will get a simpler life with it, at least solve some of the problems I have. Or just buy a TC elec G something and an analog modelling preamp. I have wasted way too much time troubleshooting this unit, only to discover that the value was halved by them putting out the X a few month after I pruchased the non-X. This unit sucks. Buy cheap, buy twice and waste time in between.
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