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  1. I'll tell you, I owned the original 2.0 and used it for a decade then went to a X3 Pro and what an amazing unit!!! I've owned and sold the POD HD Pro and kept just for traveling my POD HD but that is going as well! I get EXACTLY what bc05 is asking and it is valid......he wants to shut the amp sims direct out OFF from the main outs and JUST route through USB and control his volume within the DAW and YOU CANNOT with this thing!!!!!!!!!!!! You get your DAW tracks through the same outputs and the POD is too damn loud....and since you can't route the signal OFF from the same outs it is useless ALONE to record with UNLESS you use it into another interface. Pretty shoddy on Line 6 now that Yamaha is running/ruining them.
  2. I mentioned this previously and aside from a few the LINE 6 ZOMBIE FOLLOWERS and seeded employees will invalidate our claims by attacking us and our thinking so at the end of the day all negative comments will be buried in BS. Line 6 of yesterday would have offered all buyers of the HD a free upgrade chip or one for very little in cost and offer to repair the cheap switches on units like yours. Today we are just screwed and the excuse that the HD came out 3 years ago doesn't cut it for me because all the HD-X is is what the HD promised to be and addressing the faulty switch issue.
  3. I have been a Line 6 supporter/user since the first POD Bean came out and onto POD Pro 2.0......which I just sold last year after a decade of killer use. It left here working fine and I never encountered an issue. When Line 6 released the POD XT, while some function now were easier to get to I PERSONALLY FELT it sounded more digital than the 2.0 so I stuck with what I had and paid little attention when the X3 came out. Then came the HD Line and so, with all the hype and research I went for one and here is my conclusions: SHORT ANSWER: Yes, Line 6 quality control and ethical practices is in the toilet! - After all the hype of the POD HD they release it and while the digital effects end are of superior quality at the end of the day delay is delay / chorus is chorus, etc. So this made me take a look at the X3. The have over 100 amp models including the bass plus mic room simulations. The offer more options on the ins/outs. They do what they SAY they do! The HD's have 1/4 of the amps sims, lack the CPU power to do what they claim and the amps seem more muddy in the name of supposedly more organic. - Line 6 releases the POD HD-X. The difference? A higher powered CPU that now does what the first was advertised to do but would end up with SYSTEM OVERLOAD. I also understand the floor models now have better buttons. So everyone that bought an HD now has to sell it at a loss and buy the HD-X because Line 6 screwed up. I've since picked up 2 Line 6 X3 Pros and am happy as hell. Am selling the HD Bean and the HD Pro and washing my hands of future Line 6 products. There's too much changing around, this company buying that one.....Gibson buying Cakewalk, Yamaha buying Line 6. If I were you I would either get your HD500 repaired if under warranty or sell it off and get a X3 Floorboard. More options, more amps, so you don't have 24 bit won't notice!! LOL!!! That's my honest to god assessment. You know, I listen to recordings of the past 10 years and wish I had the drum machine/program options I have now, maybe a better singer but my guitar tone out of my POD Pro 2.0 still sounds GREAT and I wouldn't change a thing about it! The X3 was the last model Line 6 did before quality started to go down hill. Sweetwater is blowing out the HD Beans for $199 so what does that tell you? De Allen
  4. I do that, run the XLR main outs into my powered monitors. The problem I'm having is that the guitar patch runs straight through to the monitors out of the X3, which makes it difficult to balance in level with the music and tracks being played back through my DAW. Is there a setting to mute the direct guitar signal out of the X3 so I can control my guitar level through my DAW channel I'm recording thus balancing it out to more able accurately track with what's already recorded?
  5. I'm sure there has to be a way to do this but here's my issue (found it with POD HD bean as well). I'm using my X3 Pro into Sonar X3 via USB as my interface. I want to be able to control the level of the guitar I'm tracking through the software rather than the guitar feeding directly through the outs as then it is too loud and I can't track it balanced with the rest of the mix and it throws me off. So what do I change so the live guitar feed is muted through the direct outs and is only managed through the mix in my Sonar? Thanks!
  6. When a company claims a product will do A, B and C and said product freezes or fails due to lack of power within that product it is lying, fraud, dishonest and legally actionable! You buy a car that is advertised with 5 airbags and in a serious accident where all should deploy only 2 do because the battery lacks the juice it is fraud. If the POD HD doesn't do what it was advertised to will lives be lost? Of course not. I'm just trying to make a point that if I buy a product that claims to do something and it doesn't then I didn't get what I paid for. Then for Line 6 to release the same product (screw the switches because I'm using the POD HD Pro---bought 2 actually one for travel, one in my studio rack) with the proper CPU size so it will do what they claimed the first would I feel the moral responsibility is to take care of those who have trusted the company and bought the misrepresented one with the new CPU. People can babble on about "aggressive marketing" and paint me to be unreasonable but wrong is wrong. Of course Line 6, their followers that either work for or have other inside connections to be compensated will defend the company and screw someone like ME who is simply speaking out rightfully.....doesn't matter because Line 6 now is about screwing their consumers like Digitech, Rocktron and others. Bravo! What a business plan....release this so-called revolutionary new product that lacks the juice to do what it claims only to re-release the same unit WITH the power to do what the first was supposed to so fools take a loss on the first and pay $699 to get what they thought they were paying for the first time! From a company spreadsheet it's perfect but from the consumer's view...especially in our economic's reprehensible. De Allen
  7. Well, as presumed, some feel my frustration and others are good soldiers backstopping Line 6.....possibly Line 6 employees? Not like other company run user boards don't seed them with their own people. This whole post will disappear probably by end of week if not end of day courtesy of Line 6. People defend that this has been out 3 long was the X3 out before the HD? Longer than 3 years! Their excuse for the hype on the HD is that the X3 was just a big collection of their old technology patches and the HD was redesigned modeling from the ground up combined with their higher end effects. The HD-X is simply the HD with more processing power......dealing with a design flaw of the HD. What is the point of offering 8 effects and dual amps when the processor can't do it? It's like offering a new sports car that can do 200 mph yet at 80 the body starts falling apart and the steering is unmanageable. Line 6 used to be a people's company. Unlike what Digitech and others had become I was impressed, not only with the groundbreaking Line 6 accomplished in direct guitar amp simulation but also their integrity. There IS NO INTEGRITY in offering the same product with nothing new other than a processor that might actually deliver what the original product promised so people have to choose between being stuck with the first version that didn't live up to the promised features or taking a loss and paying out another $699 for the corrected version in the HDX. People can spin the whole HDX all they want but I'm dumping my HD's and sticking with the X3 till I can afford an FX II. I'm seriously disappointed in the handling of this. The X3 Pro was/is solid and did what Line 6 claimed it would and was their flagship for years. Someone claimed there is a guvnor or some other built in default that stops a user from ever overloading the CPU. I don't know if that is or isn't true but it sounds like an excuse otherwise why didn't they do same in the HD? The amp it the choices are sound better in the HD but do they make the X3 models sound like garbage? Live (which I don't use my Line 6 as) do people find the X3 floorboards so inferior to the HD? De Allen
  8. I have used Line 6 since they came out. When they went to the 2.0 they offered the chip FREE to those who bought their original within a certain time, $50 for those after that cut-off. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED that Line 6 lacks the integrity to do same with the HD Pro owners to X. They screwed up and packed too many features with an under-powered CPU. I'm ready to dump both HD's, keep my tried and true X3 Pro and NEVER buy another new Line 6 product again and encourage all I know and those I don't through the various social media forums NEVER to buy Line 6 as they no longer have the integrity they did in the beginning UNLESS they resolve this matter. Like most companies that reach a certain status I doubt they will give a damn or come on and put some "word spin" on the matter.....but no amount of "words" makes up for the $699 I spent and now to have a unit that functions properly LINE 6 expects me to spend it again? Nope! I'm sure many won't see it as I do and I don't really care! Releasing this so-called revolutionary HD line without proper R&D only to find after being on the market they screwed up on the CPU to release a proper model so soon that only addresses THEIR INCOMPETENT SCREW-UP with is a big F.U. to all that spent $699 for our HD and now it's devalued and we are supposed to eat that loss and pay again for the privilege of Line 6 fixing their design flaw? HELL NO! All the shouting about how wonderful the HD is and honestly, I find many sounds muddy and am sick of the CPU OVERLOAD. SO WHAT if it supposedly feels more organic like a real amp? My original POD Pro 2.0 never got a single complaint on any of the recordings I used it on. I skipped the XT but thought the X3 was wonderful. If enough of us make noise on this we original HD buyers will have to be placated. De Allen
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