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  1. I'm glad I found this forum. Having read through this thread, I'm also glad I didn't buy a G10, and now I don't plan to. I didn't realize they were so flimsy. I was suspicious, having done some research on the sales sites and seeing how the thing was powered, and now my suspicions are confirmed. It's too bad, as the concept is excellent. One of my brothers has one of these units and can't say enough good things about it. But then, he's a bedroom player and the unit lives in relative luxury. He didn't even know it was powered via USB cable until I asked him about it. He plugged it in a year or so ago when they first came out, and hasn't moved it since. I suspect that's the use case Line 6 planned for when designing this thing. No engineer on the planet would power up any kind of gear that lives on the floor among devices designed to be constantly transported and operated by footstomping using such a flimsy connector, no matter how many are in use on other devices. They figured it was going to live in a bedroom and never move, and so were able to use a power solution they probably don't even pay $.50 for including the wall wart. I believe I even read somewhere this unit is designed for "desktop" use, so maybe the users here are a little bit at fault for mis-applying the thing. It's clearly a flimsy unit, yet you put it on a pedalboard, then lollipop when it won't take a beating? That said, I still say shame on Line 6 for this one. It would have changed the price little, if at all, to make it robust enough to be used in the manner many are going to use it. Instead, an otherwise excellent idea is turning into a black eye. Plus, warranty replacements alone are probable going to exceed the cost of what it would have been to do it right in the first place. Myself, I was concerned about the transmitter getting broken off at the connector from using it in a guitar with a side-mounted output jack and setting it down wrong. Not a problem on Strats and such with top mounted jacks, but Les Pauls and such are pretty popular guitars, too. Oddly enough, I don't find any complaints about that happening anywhere.
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