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  1. Just noticed, I am also getting popping during playback on Youtube and other sound sources.
  2. Nothing clipping, actually coming in really quiet at around -24db. I tried the ASIO4ALL driver and still had the issue. Set my sample rate to 48K on both helix and project and it seems to be working now? I dont understand why 44.1 would pop but 48 would not. Side note, I'm not even using any plugins at this point, just trying to get the vocal recording done. I'll update with more info but it may be working...
  3. Attempting to record some voice-over work with my Helix. Aston Origin/48v. Don't have access to my other audio interfaces as I'm on the road. During recording everything sounds fine(great in fact), but when I playback there are a substantial amount of clicks and pops. Specs: Acer VX-15 i7 7700 16gb RAM Studio One V3 Professional(v3.5) Helix(2.21) Line 6 1.86 Drivers Running Helix into USB3.0 16bit/44.1 Have adjusted buffer from 128-2048 with no difference. Again, during recording the clicks and pops aren't present. Just during playback. I've used this setup with my home desktop with no issues, checked the USB cable and its all good. Am I missing something?? Thanks,
  4. Bought a Dream Rig, and as luck would have it the band i was in fell apart and now have little use for this set-up. Have the DT50 112 Model, asking $1000 for that HD500X(newest model)- $400 and a Red JTV89-F -$1100 PM me for pics and more details, not much else to put, everyone here knows the quailty of the gear and its awesome capability. thanks!
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