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  1. Hello! I'm trying to use my Bass POD XT Live as a soundcard for my computer. But I having a problem and no one can help me with it! Sorry for my english, but i'll try to explain my problem. I purchase POD 2 weeks ago. It pretty cool when i'm playing with AMP or directly with headphones, but when i'm plug it to the computer via USB cable, there's 3 problems - 1) Latency of sound, minimal but notable. 2) Echo like a reverb or room is on, but in fact non of it is triggered, and it sounds like from the depth of cave or hall. 3) In the right channel of my headphones or sometimes in mono, i hear the clean sound of my instrument with hard latency. I tried all the settings on computer as on POD, nothing helps me with it. I have all of the official software for my POD. I tried with ASIO4ALL, but nothing changed and I uninstall it. The problem still bothering me. Please help!