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  1. I'm very happy with it. Got the 150 and I have to say it is very versatile. People say it is very digital sounding, I think that most of the tones need a bit of work with the effects (compressor etc) and it really comes alive. I bought it for the variety of stuff that you can jam along to without pratting around and for that reason it is awesome. I can go from stunning acoustic sounds with my strat to low down dirty blues at the swipe of a screen. So I can jam along to anything from Funk to blues and beyond with some very credible sounds. The 150 is loud enough to play with a sax player. I don't think I would gig with it as I don't like too much to think about, either playing or going wrong. I have a fender mustang for gigging with. People slag that off aswell but I reckon that only a few people would be able to distinguish the sounds from either the fender or the line 6 and their beloved all valve monster tube amp that they all swear by. If you look at some of the blind tests done on utube the line 6 and the mustang sound far better with a full all round tone. They just need tweaking to their environment. All said and done, like they say 'it is a real blast!' And that is what it is all about. Having an effing good crack with the guitar!!
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