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  1. I'm Interested in labels for the HD500 please
  2. coachcleats


    I'm not getting rid of my HD 500. I am not running out of DSP in my patches and I use dual amps and 6, 7 or even all 8 blocks. I don't think the changes are worth it for me because I got a FRFR rig with two Power Engine 60's. I got 1/4" out to the PE60 for monitor and XLR out to FOH....works great for me If you need that amp in the room feeling...then the HD500x is for you...eliminates the 4C method I think
  3. coachcleats


    it is now possible to have different output modes simultaneously to apply. For example, you can set the jack outputs for a guitar combo or stack, and simultaneously the XLR outputs via the Studio / Direct mode deployment for use with a PA or recorder. All other functions and features have remained the same.
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