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  1. If anyone wants to know how to automate changing snapshots in reaper, let me know. I don't believe there is a way to change presets yet, at least not easily. I was also able to automate the change of things like Drive inside of a snapshot as well.
  2. Figured it out in Reaper for the snapshot change. It's not perfect, but it'll do. Also figured out other automations as well. Cannot change patch yet, and I have to have it start in the first snapshot to make it work, but just wanted you all to know.
  3. Hi all, I have the latest version of Helix Native and am trying to get it to change patches and snapshots for me automatically based on time; i.e. I play to a backing track and know where the changes will occur; and want to automate changing patches so that I can use Helix Native plus an interface plus DAW as a practice setup against backing tracks, or just to noodle around. I've tried so far to get it to work in Pro Tools First and Reaper, and I have seen videos of it changing correctly on EXTERNAL devices, but can't get it to change Helix Native. Anyone get this to work, or suggest a DAW where you have automated this? PS - I can live with snapshot changes only if I need to!
  4. Ahhh, ok. And that will make the mono signal "stereo" then? I don't need a stereo guitar, but I want it to output to both speakers. :)
  5. So, I don't see what you're saying as far as splitting the pair up at all. No matter what I do it shows 5/6 pair for the Helix - I'm using the "HD500" preset that they have and renaming it to Helix. Thoughts?
  6. So, my headphone amp has a XLR Left / XLR Right, which I am going to hook up to StageScape Mains Out. I am using L6 Link to run two L2t's - but, during practice, we just want to run headphones / in ears. My headphone amp also has a 1/4" In Aux plug for each channel. So, what I want to do is this: Sum all drum channels plus bass and send them to Out D to go to headphone amp 4 1/4" Rhythm guitar to Out C to headphone amp 3 Lead guitar to Out B to headphone amp 2 Vocals to Out A to headphone amp 1 If I can then adjust the volume of the outputs just on these A/B/C/D outputs, I should have the ability to drive "more me". Is this possible? If so, can someone help and give me some leads on what to look at or how to approach this? I'm a newbie to the M20d, but understand the concept of grouping (for the drums/bass). Not sure how to vary the "out" levels on those main outs though, or how to send them to that, plus have an overall mix out as well. Thanks!
  7. I have just two inputs: 6 - XLR from Helix to M20d 3mm plug - MP3's (for practice) The MP3's play in stereo I can only hear me in the Right L2t speaker, despite the fact I have my setting as Center It shows 5/6 taken up with the one XLR connection as well. Is that normal? Can anyone help?
  8. Win 10 - Doesn't even try to download the driver. Now what?
  9. Whenever I have had "harshness" with HD500x or the Helix, it's always because I have used a Amp without also having a Cab. Especially when FRFR.
  10. So, I have changed the text on the EXP/TOE to "Volume Pedal" on all my patches. Sometimes it's outlined, sometimes it's not. Since the volume pedal block is "on", what might be the difference? Thanks!
  11. Thanks! I'll give that a try! I was pulling what little hair I have, out! :)
  12. I have a volume block set up and I'm setting it to Exp1 (I know, opposite of what they do by default), and my Wah is Exp2 (Mission Eng). The issue that I am having is that when I do this and set up the volume and even watch it work the range 0% to 100% as it should, save it, go to another patch, and when I come back it's crazy loud, like it doesn't honor the pedal position. Worse yet, then when I do move the pedal on that patch, the first 10% seems to be 90% of the volume! In other words, its almost like there is NO volume pedal, just an on-off. I got frustrated and walked away for the time being, but anyone have any thoughts?
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