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  1. I used to run "Chip Shooters" for Motorola. I assure you there is not a human alive that would be capable of installing a new surface mounted chip these days. You would have to hire a team of Japanese geniuses to develop a new machine capable of removing and installing a new chip. I am being absurd obviously but its the truth. There is no way to do it with out spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. Buy a new one.
  2. Oh, okay. I see........ He who would cross the Bridge of Death Must answer me These questions three Ere the other side he see.
  3. Pianouyy, You seem to be taking this very personally. Insults don't do much for your product. I am a bit amazed, having been in costumer service myself, at your personal accusations. I will remember that next time I even have a waft of a Line 6 product come my way. Please don't contact me any more. I would like to report this to your boss.
  4. It took a long while for me to get the money to buy into the HD line. I had been using both X3 Live and a Spider IV HD150 half stack in live situations for 5 years...by the way the HD in HD150 has nothing to do with the newer HD line. When I finally did move up to the HD I was extremely disappointed with the idea that I need to spend an additional $100 to REALLY have the HD. I had tried the HD 500 out at a local music store and was impressed with the sounds but didn't know that the unit I took home was really not the same until I had tried at the music store. It bugged me so much that I almost brought it back. Really the only reason I didn't bother is that I found out about the Marshall CODE amps and am waiting for its release. My plan is to get out of Line 6 all together. When I heard Positive Grids iPad apps I was blown away. Clearly there is a lot better technology available now. Line 6s HD line sounds pathetic next to Positive Grid. I have noticed a remarkable increase in the quality of Intel Chips and Bridges coming out not to mention that memory has begun to be 10 times smaller than ever. SSDs are coming out that completely blow away the previous tech. So obviously newer better hardware is going to affect any thing like this. No I am no longer happy with Line 6 especially because of this stunt in particular. I feel like I got ripped off.
  5. Over priced for certain. If they cost $20 to $30 for all of them I might try it but I am more prone to just use whats there and my own ear to make a good sounding patch.
  6. Should be what I payed for the damn thing. Screw Line 6. I am not happy at all about this so I am going to try Marshall Code when they come out. I already payed Sweetwater for a Code 50. Just as soon as they are released I have one coming my way. The price is right. A 50 watt 12 inch with Marshalls new Code....$260 Why pay $100 more for something I feel I just got ripped off on. Line 6's pricing is insane. Compare Positive Grid to the quality of Line 6...PG blows line 6 away. Helix is so over priced. I just dont have faith that they wont screw me again.
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