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  1. Well damn. So if it is the above then I was sold a faulty UX1, I guess buyer beware. :( I doubt that my sound card is the issue, the UX2 worked fine with it. I'm pretty sold on the fact that this UX1 i bought on ebay is trash, and I've been trying to contact the seller for a refund. But I very much appreciate your help anyhow, guess I'm just going to try to buy a new UX2. I loved my UX2 and had no issues with it, it just died. Oh well, thanks anyhow.
  2. I also thought maybe it was a USB issue, but I've tried 3 different cables and different ports on my computer with no luck.
  3. I'm using an MXL 991 Condenser, but that's not the issue since when I unplug the XLR cables it's still making noise. Let me put it like this, any sound whatsoever that the computer normally plays is static when played through the UX1. If I try to watch a youtube video, static. Music, static. Even when I'm not playing anything there's still light static.
  4. Hello everyone. Recently I had to replace my UX2 due to hardware failure after about 5-6 solid years of use. I'm now using a UX1 with phantom power for my XLR mics. It's been working for about 3 weeks with no issues but suddenly last night while in a skype call my audio started to cut out and was replaced with harsh static, and now that's all I hear from my UX1. It's much worse when my mic is plugged in, anything said through the mic doubles the static. I can't hear any regular audio, it's just replaced with static and harsh noise. Here's an example of what I'm hearing. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/40449491/ISSUE.mp3 I tried reinstalling all of my drivers and podfarm 2 as well, no luck. I've messed around with the buffer size and bit depth in the settings but no luck there either. I'm just outputting straight to my headphones, and usually have my ux1 set as the default audio device. Here are my specs: ASUS Desktop PC M32AD Series Intel i7 @ 3.20 Ghz 12 GB RAM Windows 7 64-bit I'm REALLY hoping it's not another hardware issue since I just replaced my UX2, so if anyone could give me any advice it would be much appreciated!!! -Shawn
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