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  1. Well... that's too bad :\ Thanks for clarifying. Appreciate it.
  2. Thanks for the answer, Rewolf48 :) I don't know why I wasn't notified by email :\ I have seen the Appendix you mention, but it isn't particularly useful in terms of depth of information. I understand what you're saying, but as you mention it isn't really what I'd like to achieve. I don't know... Maybe I spend some time just playing around with CCs, see if some change something, although I doubt it. Thanks anyway! Appreciate your taking the time to answer. r.
  3. Hi there, I've been taking a look at the Advanced Manual (as well as these forums) and can't seem to find the *full* internal MIDI implementation table. In the manual there are some references to some controls, like the looper and footswitches, but I'd like to know how to access –if possible– every effect (and parameter within) as well as Amps params. Basically I'm looking to change the values of some parameters within the fx chain by pressing an on board foot switch (alternating between max and min values, somehow like the expression pedal). I know I can hack something similar by having a duplicated effect with those different params and asymmetric switching, but that's not the point :) Also, I'm not looking for doing this thing from a remote controller, although I guess it would be feasible just the same. If that isn't possible and someone from Line6 is reading this, I think it should be both fairly simple and awesome. Also, it'd be great to be able to have foot switches behave in either latched or momentary fashion while we're at it! Really looking forward for some help :) Cheers!
  4. Hi folks, Somewhat related to this topic, and particularly after Rewolf48's comment: Is there a list of the *internal* MIDI assignments? For example, what would be the MIDI messages to change, say, a fuzz treble parameter, or an amp's drive value? I've seen the Advanced Manual, and I know I can assign the expression pedals or the Variax volume and tone controls, but I'm actually looking for something different. Say I've got a Distortion pedal and I've assigned FS1 to toggle it on and off. I'd like to have FS2 (or any other FS, obviously) to send MIDI messages to that particular effect so as to have, say, the drive values change from 40 (FS2 off) to 80 (FS2 on). Same idea with the amp: can I have a FS change the Drive parameter of the amp? Not in a continuous fashion like the expression pedal, but between two fixed values? I used to own a VG-99 and although it was limited to two messages per FS (of a FC-300 in my case), it was super flexible and I dearly miss it. To follow the example, in the VG-99 I could do both the fuzz and the amp's drive (but it wouldn't be independent of the switching functionality like it is on the Pod). Thanks!
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