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  1. downgrading is not an option unless the product reads "compatible only with ios8" I will give my gear back to the dealer if the promised upgrade will not be in the store by Friday 12pm.
  2. Via my retailer who contacted line6 I was informed that there will be an update by the end of next week. Hope?!
  3. totally disappointed about crashing amplifi remote on ios9

  4. I bought the amplifi 75 today to use it on a party gig on Saturday just to find out that it is of no use under ios9. Sorry to say, this is a NO GO! Could line6 please provide us with information about the timeline - found fix - new release submitted to Apple etc I'm really thinking about bringing it back to the dealer and look for other gear. Next time I will check the web in advance and will not believe in brand any more.
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