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  1. I got pushed here by support as well. My issues are: I have a Disk 0 - it isn't my win install disk My winmgmt repository is consistent. I thought the drive number issue would be the problem, rather than anything else on my machine, as HX Native worked on this machine before. I have not actually had the LT plugged in for awhile so not tried the HX Edit. I think a problem I may have is that my Disk 0 could be a USB drive, just in the way that random things work. I am going to test that now and see what happens. Edit: Ok, so I turned off SATA ports in my bios, unplugged my USB drive, checked DiskPart, List Disk which was reduced to a single NVMe drive, which was DIsk 0 which is my windows install device. Uninstalled as per instructions from support, including the deletion of the app data. Reinstalled the version they asked me to install. Didn't change a thing. Still get stuck on the splash screen. For the poster earlier, I actually paid for this, this isn't a trial. This is $400 software, I don't understand how it can be that so many people are having this same issue with software. Turning off hard drives? Re-assigning drive letters, just to get an emulator to run, on a system it ran on before? This isn't a hardware problem. I am now going to try and run an SSD with a borked version of windows as my only drive to see if that works.
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