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  1. ADBrown can you please tell me how you use your amplifi with logic, i.e. cable setup, as i have reason software but if my my UX2 is not working how do i connect the amplifi to my pc?
  2. Ok ADBrown, sounds promising, reason i am asking is because i have been having constant issues recording with my UX2 for about a month now, it randomly disconnects half way through watching or recording myself on bandhub, (this is a site where musicians record themselves to form different parts of a song done to a backig track), i hadn't had any issues previously with the UX2. I have ruled out the UX2 being the problem as it works fine on my son's laptop, i have also done memchecks and chkdsk to rule out hardware issues with memory and hard drive. when i log into the line 6 monkey after it disconnects i get the following message: Error: (Code 80007103) Failed read from firmware. Can you offer any advice as to what is causing this?
  3. I am interested in purchasing the amplifi 30, can I use it to record tracks to the bandhub collaboration website? I currently use a UX2 but want an all-in-one alternative.
  4. hi there thanks for the replies, it seems there is an issue with the following which is displayed when i run the 'verifier' command from the start search bar: 'l6ux2.sys' is listed as being an unsigned driver, so it definitely the driver which is causing the problem, is there any way i can get windows to recognise this file as being an authentic signed driver?
  5. I have a UX2 which i use for recording guitar connected by usb to my pc. Recently in the last month the unit has disconnected itself randomly, the computer then hangs when i am in bandhub or youtube watching videos and i have to restart the pc. this works on most occasions for a little while but then the pc will 'hang' again for half an hour ahd the UX2 disconnects itself, any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated. The only other thing i can add is that this has only recently started happening since i installed windows 10 i don't seem to recall having problems like this in windows 7. The line 6 licence monkey states USB firmware 'unknown' when it is disconnected but has a green tick and says no updates avaialble when it is connected and working.
  6. update: I now have the thing working, don't know what i've done differently since last night, but i've spent the last hour playing around with different amps and delays, like a kid in a candy shop lol, obviously this is just a foot in the door, and the full potential of it is just starting to dawn on me, but thanks for the advice lads, gonna have a lot of fun i can tell already!
  7. I'm pretty sure i had all the knobs turned up half way last night, while playing the guitar, both needles are moving, and the green indicators and guitar tuner are responding on the pod farm software, the powered speakers are not connected to the pc, but directly into the headphone socket on the UX2 using a 1/4 inch adaptor.
  8. ok, I have unplugged the jack which goes into the back of the green input on the back of the pc, i have then plugged this into an extension cable, i have then attached an adapter at the other end which then plugs into the headphone socket on the UX2 box. I then opened up podfarm, chose an amp, and strummed down on the guitar strings which is connected to the instrument input. Both of the needles were moving, but i am still not getting any sound out of the speakers?
  9. I have just purchased a line 6 Pod UX2, the licensing and software loaded fine, and the analogue dials are lit up correctly (not flashing), however, there doesn't seem to be any inputs on the back of my logitech Z3 powered speakers to actually connect the UX2 to, is there any way round this or do i have to purchase a new set of speakers which do have the correct inputs on the back of the woofer? I hasve found a vid on youtube showing the unit as follows:
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