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  1. i used my HD500 as my amp and effects into a power amp and cab. it is 100% of my tone. direct with line 6 cab sim sounds terrible compared to putting it through a real cab. i feel like if i had politely borrowed the helix and plugged it into the power section of a (preferably tube) amp with a big fat mesa cab and pulled up a recto or engl sound, it would have sounded massive. i know where line 6 is headed with these weird speakers and stuff they are making, but they aren't apple. the masses aren't going to just give up on real amps and go direct with a PA on stage. that's not a terrible idea, but its not for most people. his comments didn't sway me. i'm still going to upgrade ASAP.
  2. saw a working unit being demoed at my local guitar center today. i mostly caught them talking about aplifi or firefli or hawkeye some other product i have no use for. but then there was some helix demo. one of the employees, a friend of mine and axe fx enthusiast, said that everything sounded very processed. i feel like a great deal of his impression was that the helix was being used with the stagesource speakers and cab sim. i feel like to really get this thing to shine, one has to use a real cab.
  3. just read all 21 pages. ow. i have an optometry appointment scheduled for tomorrow :p i have a few concerns, DI, if you're still available. (you've done an INCREDIBLE job at answering us so far. thank you immensely) stoked about the implementation of IR's. that was on my complaint list with my HD500. i'm really hoping for an effect like the EHX freeze, but thats just wishful thinking. are all of the amp models guaranteed to be in phase with each other? my biggest issue with the HD500 was that even though i had the DSP to put say... a Dual Rec alongside a Fireball, they might sound all kinds of weird together. this was written off sneakily by L6 as "some amps sound better together than others". i know a cow pie when i step in one. i knew that wasn't the case when i accidentally placed a gate on one of the chains, inadvertently causing either a polarity shift or some latency that caused both amps to sound better. clearly they weren't delay compensated and therefore phase aligned. has this issue been solved? blending amps is absolutely the greatest thing on the earth, and i wish to do it in the box. off hand, do you know if the 5150 that was modded was of the gen 1 "can of bees" EVH style, or if it was more the bias mod killswitch engage/bullet for my valentine destruction monster? and if it is the former, can the "bias" control make it more the latter? lastly, my biggest issue with every piece of line 6 gear i have ever owned (XT, HD500, flextone 3 XXL with floorboard) is the tap tempo button. it is ALWAYS right next to the volume pedal. i don't know if you guys test these things wearing narrow cowboy boots, or if my size 12 hi top jordans (in yellow, mind you ;) ) are just too wide... but every time i go to set the tempo of my delay, i turn myself OFF. once a show, 100% certainty, it will happen. egg on face. pants on head. champ to total clown in seconds. is there any chance that this switch can be moved? so far the only feasible answer that i have found is to buy an expression pedal (that i wouldn't otherwise use) and set *IT* to volume, and use the included expression pedal for the switchable wah. not exactly my favorite workaround. you can put it ANYWHERE else. this has plagued me for years. thank you
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