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  1. bearmaxx

    Vetta Fixed

    It's fixed and working Grate.took alot of time and doing.it's fully updated to v1.05 it works fine better then a dead amp.after replacing my battery it just wouldnt display anything or work.after i flashed it and went to update it line6 removed the updates.i found old ones online 1.05 1.10 1.01 and a tool called midi ox i uplouded to amp 105 combo .let it insatll shut off midi ox then reloaded it to clear it out of other patch.then uploaed defults.dumped old user bank saved files which is a must or old glitchs remain.then installed the 105 fatory preset patch to user and the did same to factory bank and now the amp is working 100% it even sounds nice and crisp the 2.50 patch things where muddy sounding. heres the page i found and follow instructions.now after doing all this fixing i think its the users not letting line6 monkey work right not the patch so please line6 put it back up in sections put up older ones please. also used M-audio uno usb.
  2. bearmaxx

    line6 monkey

    Fixed i bought a fender amp problem solved. no more line 6 scam products for me.
  3. bearmaxx

    line6 monkey

    they never sent me anything called them now just waiting can't you people put the updates back up please i'll take the chance of it ruining my amp since i can't use as it is.i did what was asked of me and i'm waiting on you people.you never sent your email you said you would send never called me like you said you would i recorded my calls.theres other people who also need to update their amps.next post won't be so nice and like i said i recorded my calls.
  4. bearmaxx

    line6 monkey

    did it waiting for them to reply read everything i could find even stuff from old forums called talked to a nice tec im happy with that he was very cool about it. he even went out of his way for this.all the amp is doing is "waiting for softwear downlaod" i love this amp. like i said thats all i have.i went through 5 amps in ten years at least this one out lasted them all fenders marshalls this amp owned them tube amps it ate them up drowned them out and just killed them. now i am sad.
  5. bearmaxx

    line6 monkey

    i had to flash my amp and now you guys took down the update. i bought this amp a few years back only amp i have all i need is the update to use the ONLY AMP I HAVE and you people took down the update. now its useless what is that crap put the DAMN UPDATE BACK i want to use my amp.NOW oh its a vetta just waiting for softwear.
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