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  1. +1 to checking the USB cable. This was driving me crazy and while my device was working through the PC, the updater and my recording software wouldn't recognize that it was plugged in, kept getting device not found. I moved the usb cable to a different input on my PC and bam, it worked again. Any PC over 3-4 years old will see USB ports randomly start failing, it's the least durable part in most PC's.
  2. I will try both ideas, thanks
  3. I'm using Audacity. I tested the same recording but instead used my Digitech GSP1101, and it recorded fine, no detuning on the guitar track. The Audacity file I'm using has a backing track recorded on tracks 1 and 2, and that doesn't detune, everything sounds perfect when I record the guitar on track 3, until playback- when I record direct (raw) or with the GSP, it's fine. With the HX Stomp, detuned. I suppose I'm going to return it, this just isn't normal and gives me a bad feeling about the overall performance quality.
  4. I've tried it with both factory presets and newly created patches. Same result. Worth noting that I also downloaded and installed the latest drivers from Line 6
  5. Hi, I just purchased the HX Stomp, and when I record direct to PC the most bizarre thing happens. I play it back and the guitar is completely tuned different. I re-recorded a test track hitting the open G. I could hear the string and the headphones were the same note. I stop recording and play it back, the G is somewhere between 1/2 and whole step detuned. I am baffled. This occurs on both factory patches as well as user patches I've made from scratch. Is this some kind of known bug? Incredibly imbecelic factory setting? My specific device just came off the wrong line and is completely toast? Should I return it before the window closes?
  6. Oh and support never did contact me. Thanks for nothing
  7. I finally got the pedal to work, but actually I don't know what I did. A few on/off's and recalibration attempts later and it magically just started working again. Then, the very next day, the rack unit (actual HD unit) goes batty. Lift it up and whaddaya know... loose screw banging around inside. Opened it up, turns out to be a screw and hex nut both rolling around seperately. wtf? Not even two years or 50 gigs on these and just like every other "professional" digital gear, it just falls apart. Call me crazy but after 10 years of digital gear, it's starting to feel like planned obsolesce that none of this stuff can make it past the 2-year mark. I moved to line 6 from digitech after becoming disgusted with their product lifespan. I'm sending it to the repair shop and selling it off if it's fixable. No way would I dare spend the money on a helix.. no way. I already put my money into a nice Blackstar tube head. Why is it Boss / Ibanez pedals 35 years old still work? Even my Quadraverb from 1993 still works. This stuff is junk, and yes, I'm angry.
  8. The pedal was loose because a screw came out internally- I could hear it banging around. I really just want to know how the volume up-down works and any info or schematic on the pedal itself so I can fix it, including this mysterious foam ring that apparently controls the light sensitivity. I have ensured that the ribbon cable is seated properly. The pedal functions perfectly with exception of the expression pedal no longer controlling the variable level.
  9. Hi all, My pedal had gotten loose, wouldn't stay in position leading to being unable to "hold" the volume at lower levels, the pedal would droop forward. There was also a rattling noise when I picked it up, so the solution seemed obvious (and was). I took the back panel off the board and a screw fell out. It was one of the four screws that holds the front-position of the pedal in place. So I put it back in and tightened all of them, and also the screws on the transistor board, which weren't as tight as they should have been. I put the panel back on and now the volume pedal doesn't work- the slide itself is the problem, the wah will still click on or off, but also have no control. Re-calibrating wouldn't work at all. I filled out a support request almost a week ago and still haven't heard back. I googled the problem wording it many different ways, but came up with nothing but a single article from the UK regarding someone with a direct sunlight issue and a foam ring that is supposed to be part of the control issue. I've searched even more on this mysterious ring, but cannot find anything- it's size, where exactly it goes, nothing. The rear portion of the pedal seems sealed, so I'm very hesitant to start screwing with it when I have zero direction. I looked for that foam ring in the space where I worked on the pedal, but nothing. If it fell out, I didn't notice at the time, and it doesn't seem to be laying about. Can anyone help with info, support, something? I'm looking to sell the whole rig and having a working pedal is pretty paramount to getting a decent price for it! Thanks
  10. Hi, I purchased the HD Pro X last December and have learned quite a bit (my first Line 6 product). Watching youtube videos, I see a lot of the demos are done with Variax guitars, and they are able to get tones and models not available with a standard guitar. My questions are along the lines that I know nothing about how the guitars work and how they work with the unit. I've tried researching it online, but have found very little info on how it's actually set up and how it talks to POD gear. So here goes, thanks for your help! - does the guitar hook up to the HD Pro using both 1/4 and a digital cable? - is the digital cable proprietary? - From what I've read, the Variax comes with it's own modeling and firmware, how does this work in conjunction with the PRO X? - I see the guitar has a knob to switch models.. is that strictly the modeling of the guitar itself (Les Paul, Strat) BEFORE it goes into the DSP and synth modeling? - Do you have any links to relevant info that I'm looking for? Thanks again!
  11. Hey thanks for the replies. I downloaded and read through the advanced guide last night after posting this. I figure there's no way it can't sound good live. And the one thing that really got my attention was the global settings, specifically the output settings. I'm playing through a power-amp into a cab, and it was set to a direct digital connection (out of the box I guess). So I was supposed to be at the studio tonight testing it out on a random jam, but living in the northeast this time of year.. snowstorm after snowstorm ugh. I live in an apartment, so playing through my cab at any real volume is not going to fly lol. I did set up my patches in the headphones, and yes, recording digitally was beautiful, and this isn't too different than an issue I had with my GSP back in the day. So.. I will also break down basic patches to just amps only and tweak in the live environment. Amsdenj, I will come back and go down your list, I like the DB meter idea, I remember reading about an app that did that a long time ago, and then forgot all about it. This is going to be interesting :)
  12. kprivigyi

    Live vs. Studio

    Hey everyone. I've had my HD Pro X now since mid-december, and finally have adjusted to the GUI, unit interface, and have done a moderate amount of walking through creating patches via youtube tutorials, line 6 tutorials, and forum reading. I've created some rather beautiful patches, which sound utterly stunning through the home DAW and on recordings. But when I go to practice with my bands (one a jam band, the other a gigging cover band), the unit just sounds terrible. First, I never know what volume the patches will be in relation to each other.. I fire it up, spend half the night tinkering with patch volumes as we play, don't touch them and a week later, go back to rehearsal and run through the exact same songs, and volumes are just all over the place again. This is especially frustrating with my lead patch which one week isn't loud enough to cut though anything, and then the next is so loud that you literally can't hear the rest of the band, causing me to immediate have to stop and back off. In my cover band, the other guitarist uses a Vetta and has the exact same problems with his patch volumes. Is this a known issue?? How can I overcome it? Now, with band rehearsals and playing gigs- the patches simply don't cut the mix.. I described it to a friend as "Just noise.. no definition or tone, but like a wave of static slamming into the rest of the band". I can keep turning up my volume, but I'm just not getting a clear defined tone on any patch or model. This is doubly true with my attempts at a solo patch.. I have downloaded almost every user-created patch on this site and few sound as good as my own, and again.. these sound great through headphones (direct out of the unit) and on both my home studio mixer and DAW on the PC. I've tried and tried to adjust the tones while playing "live" but just can't find anything that cuts the mix and defines my playing. So.. I've decided to bite the bullet and ditch my SS rack amp, and go with a tube head, or maybe a twin reverb or Blues Jr or maybe even an orange setup. I loathe having to drop another 1.5-2k on a good tube amp (and some distinct dist pedals), but I would keep the POD in the mix as an effects loop processer and nix any modeling in the patches I guess. I'm hoping someone here can give me the 'magic bullet' answer and save me the trouble, but as it stands, my live sound just sucks, it's awful, and I'm not a tone snob by any measure. I formerly used a digitech GSP1101 and it was good enough live.. why isn't this HD PRO X?
  13. This always worked well for me in the past- I would build a patch in the headphones, then fine-tune it in the actual environment. I'm okay with that and agree- tone absolutely needs to be tweaked in the environment, but volume?? Never had that issue with digitech, and I know- this is a whole new beast, so I assume I'm doing things wrong, so I'm just writing it all out here, and trying to hash out the details. So maybe I do need to change how I'm doing things, but I've always had a good ear and a lot of success building on the headphones and find-tuning the details later on my amp. What I'm focused on with that statement is the very unpredictable volume levels in the POD. The other guitarist in my band uses a line 6 vetta and he's had a lot of volume issues as well. It was the first thing he warned me about when I bought the pod.
  14. Last night was band practice night- first night with all new signal chain and patches. It was a colossal fail. I had carefully balanced all the volumes between clean and dirty patches via my headphones at home, yet, they were all drastically different through the amp and cab. It made zero sense, but especially my clean (nrml blackface) was super low. I had to jack it to 65% gain, 100% volume, and raise the mixer to +10, and even use the EQ in the chain to boost it to equal the jcm800 at 39% vol. Had the master almost jacked to max, and my power amp on 9. Just to hear the clean patch in the mix. The 800 patch was destroying the foundation of the house. I finally gave up and chose a different amp for clean, I think the JTM45 and backed off the gain, but what a crappy clean tone- I felt forced into it just to get past. So I did try out the dimension, it just didn't sound good to me, and there wasn't a lot of option to control the effect so much as the tones. I'm working with the analog chorus. The idea mentioned above to put it right in front of the amp on the chain worked reasonably well. I kind of lack understanding why the amp is in the dead center of the chain ... Who on earth puts a pedal board previous to the amp, and another after it? I'm catching on, but the philosophies on this unit are really alien to me. I wasn't looking for Randy Rhoades tones, I was mentioning that when I kicked in the chorus- that instead of getting a smoothing effect, it would jack up the decibels and seem to over-apply the effect, getting me a Randy Rhoades type of solo effect, loud and over-chorused, which was exactly the opposite of what I was trying to accomplish. Could use some help with making sense of the amp models.. Most sound the same.. vaguely overdriven to the point that they aren't clean or dirty, and the tube distortion along with the sonic distortions seem to 'screetch' out the distortion, and whatever tone I had is gone in a mix of noise and gain. I'm going to try re-arranging the signal paths again. I might also download some of the user-patches from the site and see what sounds good and how it's assembled. Do you have any recommendations on what patches are genuinely good and which ones are just noob settings? One thing I learned on the digitech user patches is that there is a lot of riff-raff and finding good patches was like finding a diamond in the rough (many were made by amateurs who just don't have the ear for it, but don't realize it). Good times.
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