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  1. Finally got it working for myself after a bunch of troubleshooting this morning. Make sure both devices are set to default in the playback/recording windows menus. I was doing most things mentioned in this thread this morning, and was able to play a test sound after switching audio to 48k, but opened chrome and played a video --- no dice. Disabled all background apps as well as turning off app permissions through the windows 10 settings menu, made sure all drivers were up to date, yadda yadda...and then I noticed I only had it set to default device for playback, set the recording default device to my UX2 and the audio magically started working. My issue now is the microphone playback in my headphones will only play in the left ear when plugged into the front left input, and the right ear from the input next to it. Seems we can't win it all.
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