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  1. Well the guy I bought it off gigged it alot in the case so I suppose it'll be fine. Might look into getting a taller one to allow some space. Cheers for all your help
  2. Here a pic of the case I've got. I think you can see there's no space above it. It does have the space at the back for cables etc. like you say yours does. It seems that the design of the x3 implies that you'd have to leave a gap in your rack of 1U seems like a design flaw to me unless you don't need to leave the vent clear. I Can't find anything about it in the manual or on-line. Maybe I'm being over cautious.
  3. The case is completely flat little or no gap between the top of the x3 and the case. I was thinking of swapping the amp and the X3 over but that still puts the amp directly on top of the x3 blocking the vent. I'm guessing from what you're saying that you think there should be some space above the x3?
  4. Hi, I'm just wondering how others have rack mounted their x3 Pro units. I've just got hold of one in a 4U gator rack bag with a 1U power amp and with the x3 mounted in the top (which is the obvious place for is to go) the air vent is blocked. As I have use the all 4U in the rack bag, there doesn't seem to be a way to avoid blocking the air vent on the top of the x3. Should I worry about this, or is over heating not a problem?
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