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  1. Brilliant! That did it. Thanks guys! What I learned: a) the clicks were caused by clock jitter because the clocks were not synced. b) the red clip light was telling me the clocks were not synced c) changing the input from "guitar 1 + mic" to "guitar 1" fixed the sync error. Thanks again for the help!
  2. Windows 7. The S/PDIF works fine with other devices. I unplugged the USB and shut down gearbox...that did seem to reduce the frequency of the clicks, but did not eliminate them.
  3. I just tried shutting down every program and unnecessary process. Still getting the same problem. I rebooted as well...same problem.
  4. So I'm trying to use the digital outputs on my X3 Pro, running into my interface (EMU 1616). The guitar sounds great, except these occasional clicks. I've tried synching the sample rate, and setting it manually (I record at 48), but I'm still getting them. When I set the sample rate to sync, the clip light underneath the output button flashes. I'm getting the clicks no matter what software I'm recording with. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Or any way to fix this?
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