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  1. Thanks a lot, I´ll try all your advices this weekend if I cannot make it today.... Good to know, that the chorus is giving a 4dB boost.... I tried the TriChorus too with the same issues, so there is propably the same boost. Now it seems like finding the best comprimise... If I dial the chorus back, I loose more of the stereo feeling. But Ok, I´ll just try all your advices and post tthe best solution from my opinion, just for your interest. Again thanks alot
  2. I´m trying to get the full stereo capabilities from pod hd 500 and therefore want to use a chorus at the end of my chain. Unfortunately I high notes sound terrebly painful. Without chorus the sound is good. My effect chain is TubeComp, Graphic EQ, BF Lux nrm, Stereo Delay, Plate Reverb. Treble is not boosted anywhere I can place my chorus at the very beginning, sounds ok, but no stereo of course. If I use it after the tube comp, it sound like treble is boosted at maximum. Any Ideas? Is my devce broken? Thanks for any advice
  3. I always use chorus effects at the very beginning of the chain. Otherwise I get very painful noise. I´m a bit surprised that it seems to be common to use modulation post-amp. Any Idea where this noise can come from? Use it for my clean sound. Can it come from the tube compressor? Everything sounds good, if I place the chorus before the tube comp but then I can´t use the stereo. Thanks for reply :D
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