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  1. Hey, It would be great if you could build a preset with a Pre Amp and a Power Amp. For instance: I have been using a Marshall JMP1 Preamp for years with a Messa Boogie 50/50 Power Amp. I miss this possibility in the Helix. Greetings Peter
  2. Hello, For some time I am playing around which live preset setup works best now. My setup: Helix => External PowerAmp (KOCH ATR-4502) and two Marshall Cabs. (With Mic's for the PA) I'm still not sure if I have to build my presets WITH or WITHOUT a Helix Cab. The standard Cabs in the Helix do not meet my expectations enough. Please your help. Thanks. Greeting, Peter
  3. Hi, - Peavey 5150 Please Please !!!!!!! or available in the store! That’s a real missing in the 500X :angry: - Acoustic Amp - TC Electronics Chorus - Boss digital Chorus
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