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    Guitars: 2013 Fender FSR Strat US(Texas Special pickups, 2004 Gibson Les Paul Studio (Bareknuckle pickups)
    Amp: Fender Hot Rod III, Soldano Avenger,
    Cabs: Fender 1x15 extension cab, Orange 2x12
    Effects: Amplifi TT with FBV Shortboard, Vox Wah, Fulltone OCD OD, Maxon OD808, Ibanez TS9 (Japan), Mooer everything, Xotic AC boost, Xotic, Sl Drive, Xotic Compressor
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  1. I've gotta say. I've only noticed delay once so far and I had a pretty busted Ethernet cable in. Switched it out and no issues
  2. I just bought a Toneport UX8 off my friend today and made sure we swapped out all of the account information so that it could be authorized. I am just wondering why it is telling me that I have a valid license but not giving me the full Pod Farm 2 Platinum features. Any help would be super amazing. Thanks BTW: I have also installed all of the latest drivers and updates both on the line 6 end of things as well as my Macbook Pro.
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