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  1. Hey delok - first of all, thanks so much for taking the time to respond to me in here - really appreciate it. I was a bit slow to reply to you as I was waiting for Line6 to get back to me via support. The good news is that they made some changes at their end and now my Native plugin is up and working as expected. Interestingly I never had the option to enter a code at the bottom right like you described but in the end, Line 6 were really helpful and got me sorted before my trial time ran out. Thanks again for your help in here, and thanks also to Line 6 for getting me up and running!
  2. Thanks for responding. You mention "When I gave native my activation code" - where did you put that code? I have no option to enter my activation code directly within the Native plugin. The guys from Line 6 support suggested it should be in the prefs section under one of the tabs that comes up but I've got no option anywhere in the plugin that I can find. Just curious as to where you put your activation code. Thanks.
  3. Just curious to those who bought - did the authorization process work ok? I too bought Native with the discount today, but it seems to be running in trial mode on 2 different PCs and thinks I don't own the full version, suggesting I go buy it. I have an open support ticket at the moment. For those that bought Native lately, did the authorisation process work normally?
  4. Same here - Helix Stomp registered owner - no option for Native discount yet.
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