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  1. A support ticket has already been opened -- I thought maybe someone here might have had the same problem. I have 22 guitars and have been setting intonation, doing fretwork, customizing electronics, etc. for almost 40 years. The problem is that the string length adjustment screws on the bridge saddles are facing the fretboard, thus facing the bridge pickup. The bridge pickup is too high and in the way of getting an allen wrench in there to make the adjustments. I even lowered the bridge pickup and it is still in the way. So how is anyone setting intonation? Are they cutting their allen wrench shorter so they can fit it between the humbucker and the bridge?
  2. 48 views and zero replies. Come on, Line6 -- give us an answer!
  3. The pickup height on the bridge pickup is so high, and the hex wrench is too long. So how are we to set intonation on the guitar without removing the humbucker??? Also, this is yet another bad example of Sweetwater's so-called "55 point inspection" process.
  4. I thought it was just me, but I hear no fizz, but something almost like an envelope phaser going on even with no effects enabled for the Strat settings.
  5. It must be based on individual setups (effects/amp) as well as the modeled setting. To me, the Fender models have even LESS treble/bark than they had before with 1.9 firmware.
  6. Thanks. It was a Tele, louder, and they already had the "series" option, so that didn't leave many options other than a humbucker. Plus with all the hoopla about them (and the poor re-introduction of them recently by Fender), it was a pretty safe bet!
  7. Up until v2.0, the Variax T-Model Position 4 was a 1960 Tele Custom with a capacitor on the neck pickup. With the upgrade, this setting is totally different -- sounds to me like a Tele with a "Wide Range" humbucker. Anyone know for certain what was modeled? Thanks.
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