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  1. why line6 is taking so long to fix the bugs workbench?
  2. I changed the tuning in a reso model to open E ,in worbench, in tuning, and saved, but the tunning only remains when I set the alt tunnings on jtv in the mode, when I put in the standard, tuning back to standard tuning, is therefore that work?
  3. you really think that eqs should stay in 1 in the chain of effects? the compressor would go where?
  4. I recorded a quick sample here via usb audacity in comparing the two patches .1 what you recommended and 2 patch I've ever had here, listen to see what you think ok? but we know that in PA it would sound completely different, but just to have a little notion test.mp3
  5. Thanks mate, I'll test these their suggestions, and this coming weekend I'll have a gig and will test the patch in PA results, as you asked, the numbers of eq are -2.5, -1.5, -8.5 (the JTV acoustic guitar has very aggressive mediums), -7.7 and +2.0.Yes, you right, I look urgently a good patch to play with a live band (drums, bass and keybords, pop rock band. It's been two years that I did not do anything to not be tweak tweak tweak and tweak, I'm already going crazy LOL
  6. re flash JTV or workbench? the strange thing is that it started giving this problem a few days ago. was normal before
  7. I did not named the preset, when I go to save the preset, the workbench creates this name and mutes the sound
  8. someone is having this problem on workbench? sound model that try to change is muted and I get this message Some expert? thanks
  9. I'm having difficulty getting a patch that has enough volume but not distort, I use the first chain, tube comp (tresh 89 and 26 level), graphic eq, reverb, the mixer I Set in center and 10 db, before I left the eq after the mixer and more distorted, after I put the eq before the mixer has improved, but still distorts a bit, I already tried using the eq studio flat just to give volume, instead of the tube comp but not much has changed someone can give a suggestion? I attached a print of my patch
  10. I also recorded an sample here with positions 2 and 4 of strat, I appreciate if you can hear and give their views I use POD hd marshall plexy bright audacity via usb my strat is with masonite body plank teste1.mp3
  11. I tried to simulate a similar equalization in pod hd but it was not good
  12. What is possible to do in Wb to change the tone of the acoustic beyond the pitch and tuning?
  13. someone tried to make martin 12 in 6? through the WB? if so, what did you think?
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