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  1. I saw a clip on youtube and they were testing krk, jbl and yamaha. The KRK has some weird damping quality to them, as least to my ears.
  2. Got the LSR305's hooked up, still dialing in, but man, what a world of difference already. I was fooling around with the Brit Plexi patch that's already there, tweaked a few things, playing with my Edwards LP Gold Top with P90's and it was singing! Just have to keep dialing it in and setting up the scenes, havent learned how to, but I'll check out some videos. Thanks guys for all the info.
  3. Well, as of right now, the 305's take up less space for my situation.
  4. Funny you should say that. My GC had a pair of 305's for $199, mint condition. Traded in some gear, got them and stands for about $260..
  5. jordans0nly

    6, 7 or 8?

    Looking at possible new studio monitors. I'm not going to be playing bass through the Helix, but really wanting to get the best value for the money. JBL LSR305's (I know, not none of the sizes above, lol), Mackie M-Audio BX8's, KRK Rokit 6" or 8. The KRK's are somewhat heavy and take up more space than most. Wanting to know if 5" or 6" would even be worth it.
  6. Good point. Any amp worth doing this with? 9r just pick up a frfr monitor?
  7. Would it even be worth it to buy the 1x12 or 2x12 version and run the Helix through the speaker? Just looking at a few options for FRFR to upgrade from my Behringer FS1220.
  8. Sorry for the late responses, been dealing with personal issues. Havent even fooled with the IR volumes yet, but will.
  9. Great info! Now I need to watch a vid on creating snapshot and I'll be good to go.
  10. Makes sense. I'll change those in a bit, thanks again.
  11. This may be long winded, but hey, want to try to be as honest as possible with my results. I took advice of one member to update to 2.12, which I was on 2.11 and wipe it, which I did. With that info, started a base patch, just started with 1a, was already preset. Then I just started to tweak to taste, with putting the Behringer at 12'o clock with the bass, treble and mids. 1) Here's the start of the chain. Put the input gate on even without knowing what it did, but to my ears, seemed to help the tone. 2) Just tweaked the comp to taste really. 3) Sorry for the blur. Also with this one, just messed around with the drive and tone. 4) Just kept this Hiwatt model, and turned down the presence. 5) On this, I watched a video, of someone that put in my initial thread of a guy doing this that way he can mix/match the cabs or IR's to taste. I tried it, and really liked the results. 6) Now to the meat and potatoes. I already had downloaded some free Ownhammer IR's and added some in. I think the lowcut sounded really good. Not sure if that highcut is enough, or not enough. Thoughts? I did fool around with the Helix editor and to my ears, sounded really good. 7) Here's the output. Not sure how much that plays into anything, but wanted to show you guys. 8) Simple delay. Just trying to add a little sizzle to the sound. 9) As you can see, the 2nd Ownhammer IR and just tweaked that one a little different from the 1st. Was trying to make the one sound a little more closer and the other a little ways back from the sound, but sounded really good mixed. 10) And the verb. Not sure what verb's are supposed to be set at, but just tweaked till I liked it. So that's just one patch I was messing with. Now like I said earlier, had the controls on the Behringer at 12'o clock. After setting the patch, then just moved the dials where I liked them. Now, I have a very usable patch, very surprised. I think what I did wrong was have an amp, then cab, AND an IR. Just didnt cross my mind that it was like running a cab in a cab. Go figure. But, live and learn. Thanks a lot for the thoughts, suggestions and just helping a dummy out. But yes, I'm looking at either a Tech 21 PE 60, or Alto TS210 (newer model). I'm probably just going to trade in the Behringer at GC, then take that money and use the 15% discount I got in my email and pick up something better probably next week.
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