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  1. mrkphpps

    L2t/l2m for home use?

    I think they had to build something a little bigger than a guitar amp to find the Higgs Boson - check out cern. If you want my opinion - home is home - out is out - anything that works at gig volume is going to rattle the windows and annoy the neighbours. Actually - my KRK 6s are capable of that... At home - you probably need the JBLs - if you gig then you definitely need something a little bigger. Either way, Fletcher and Munson will interfere...
  2. mrkphpps

    Just ordered myself a Helix!

    Good call on getting monitors - you won't regret it. Personally I have KRK Rokit 6's - they do the job extremely well in my opinion, especially in a small room - you can crank them to gig like volume without distortion, which is important when dialling in patches. Just over 300 euros though.
  3. mrkphpps

    Quick shout-out to DI, L6T, and the Line 6 crew

    May I add my vote of support too. Never been near a wildfire - but I too want to know you are all safe. Sounds like you've done the right thing by moving away - best wishes to you and all your neighbours...
  4. mrkphpps

    New to line 6 and the Helix

    Knee jerk advice, teaching granny to suck eggs and all that, but set the tone as close as possible to the volume you intend to use it. Sounds great at bedroom volume will always sound awful with the wick turned up to compete with the drummer... Something about how ears work - Fletcher Munson or someone?
  5. mrkphpps

    Helix unpacking question....

    In extreme cases, the goat might not be enough - you'll need Antlotl blood and a scraper... Seriously, my helix did have plastic on the scribble strips - but if it's not a problem, leave it there for a while, it's just an extra protective layer...
  6. mrkphpps

    Helix without IR?

    I went through Pod XT, Pod HD500 and Pod HT plus DT 25. All sounded good to me, and gave plenty of options on how to interface with a PA for the sound guy. Only your ears and hands will tell you whether the sound and feel is better - but the display, scribble strips, capacitive footswitches and the rest make for a hugely different experience. So intuitive and easy to program. Personally, I think the sound is much better too, but I may be biased having made the investment. Evolution or revolution doesn't matter - that's Line6's problem. Yours is whether you like Helix enough to buy - I'm happy that I did.
  7. I remember playing live one day with my HD500 - relying completely on PA and monitor. It was really interesting when the monitor failed and I had to rely on the sound of the PA reflected back from the room... I'd have something on stage - but FRFR works and allows for you hearing a similar sound to the one used in the PA. Just checking, your tones are tweaked at the volume the band plays at? If you're practicing regularly at the same place, maybe it's worth a separate session to get the sound right so your friendly bass player can't challenge in this way. In my opinion, the Helix can do this well enough that no audience member will know the difference.
  8. mrkphpps

    How does the helix work??

    If you're only playing at home, powered studio monitors would work well too. I'm using KRK Rokit 6's and they sound great to me.
  9. mrkphpps

    "Rules of Thumb" and Tips for Creating New Presets

    Hi Fireproof, great idea for a thread. +1 thanks for all the advice, especially DunedinDragon. My personal revelation in my relatively short time with helix is to play with cab + mic combinations - just chainging the mic can transform what I hear as an OK sound to a good one. Add a second cab in parallel and it can get even better!
  10. mrkphpps

    About to order my Helix

    In my experience, you should just try out the amp+cab model, then split out the cab from the amp, play around with different cabs / mics with the same model and settings, and maybe try parallel routing and two cabs, then add effects to taste. You're going to have so much fun!
  11. mrkphpps

    Bricked Helix while updating info that may help.

    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience, so far my updates have gone completely to plan. (I'm not pretending I wasn't in lotus position, praying to gods of helix and power supply and eating kit kat i perfect 3cm bites just to be sure though).
  12. mrkphpps

    1st band rehearsal with the Helix

    I didn't get the POD, but did come through XT live, X3 live and HD 500. I did gig for a while (still remember the day I was using HD through FOH with monitors and the monitor conked out). But I can't claim cancer or pulmonary embolism - more life to you Amsdenj - however you choose to live it. Hope to see a grandchild myself someday.
  13. Snapshots - pick a global view setting that shows them, select 1, then simply press and turn to allocate the parameters you want to set. Set the next and tweak as you wish. I reverb, many different settings, each at the push of a button. LIke having a stompbox fairy poised ready to turn the dials on request. (I've been advised, however, it would be bad form to stomp on the fairy ;)
  14. mrkphpps

    Single piece of advice for newbie learing Helix

    Thanks all for taking the time to respond. Keeping simple sounds like good advice. I totally understand that studio thinking is different - that's what I'm trying to understand. Leaving the default amp tone settings alone, tweaking gain and listening to different cab / mic options seems to get me a long way in the right direction. Two cabs even further. (IRs are a whole new subject...) However, I realise that my knowledge of eq can be written on the back of a stamp (with marker pen). How do you make that sound sit right in a mix? Sorry, more vague questions? Ford Prefect knows the answer is 42!
  15. mrkphpps

    Single piece of advice for newbie learing Helix

    Great advice on the loudness idea - everything sounds better just a bit louder! Came here from HD500 - but I do need to learn more about how to get the most from the FX rig (and possibly how to use a spell checker...) I've been interested in the clean plus crunch rig in parallel for a while - two paths = two amps! Checking the tone guide now...