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  1. Merry Christmas all! And a great big thank you to the guys on here regularly offering great advice to all - you know who you are. And in case I forget, Happy New Decade!
  2. mrkphpps

    How modeling is done

    I suspect they don't want to share industry secrets - They'll tell us it's just magic...
  3. Just updated from 2.54 - all went to plan...
  4. mrkphpps

    Helix II

    Theres another one - I haven't learned this one yet...
  5. Feffa i if you are talking about my posts - I'm sorry - but I am not complaining. Line 6 are great, I couldn't be happier with my Helix - I just think you should look carefully at the things you have available before you complain - like this forum - so many people trying hard to help. This is not a frying pan - and that is hard enough to work with - you have to know your tools.
  6. Forrest was very wise in many ways - but I could easily mess this up if I didn't prepare properly
  7. I was joking - this is not a tuner thread - sorry - my bad
  8. Is there something wrong with the tuner - it works for me? Hides under bed waiting for many bad replies...
  9. Thank you JP and Spikey - I know it won't work for everyone - I think that was the point I was trying to make - some people expect a DOH button to solve everything - and that just doesn't work.
  10. I don't often feel the need to comment - but on this one I cant resist. I agree with everything all of you have said - but there seems to me to be something called common sense and problem solving that can't be taught. I once had a colleague who had done a load of work, saved in on a floppy disk - and next day it wouldn't load. He was meant to be my manager. I asked the obvious question - it worked, yesterday - it doesn't work today - what's different? He said he was using a different computer at the office yesterday - I suggested he might want to change desks and try in that computer. It worked - then I told him to make back up copies and use mutliple disks. It would be better if everything worked at the push of a Doh button - but sometimes you need to stop and think - and even read the instructions. It doesn't just apply to Line6 and Helix - it applies to everyhthing. And in my opinion it works.
  11. I think they had to build something a little bigger than a guitar amp to find the Higgs Boson - check out cern. If you want my opinion - home is home - out is out - anything that works at gig volume is going to rattle the windows and annoy the neighbours. Actually - my KRK 6s are capable of that... At home - you probably need the JBLs - if you gig then you definitely need something a little bigger. Either way, Fletcher and Munson will interfere...
  12. Good call on getting monitors - you won't regret it. Personally I have KRK Rokit 6's - they do the job extremely well in my opinion, especially in a small room - you can crank them to gig like volume without distortion, which is important when dialling in patches. Just over 300 euros though.
  13. May I add my vote of support too. Never been near a wildfire - but I too want to know you are all safe. Sounds like you've done the right thing by moving away - best wishes to you and all your neighbours...
  14. Knee jerk advice, teaching granny to suck eggs and all that, but set the tone as close as possible to the volume you intend to use it. Sounds great at bedroom volume will always sound awful with the wick turned up to compete with the drummer... Something about how ears work - Fletcher Munson or someone?
  15. In extreme cases, the goat might not be enough - you'll need Antlotl blood and a scraper... Seriously, my helix did have plastic on the scribble strips - but if it's not a problem, leave it there for a while, it's just an extra protective layer...
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