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  1. I'm fairly new to tone building here too, but so far my go to amps have been Vox AC 30 (Essex A 30), Matchless DC 30 (Matchstick Ch 1), and PRS Archon (Archetype Clean). I was thinking I should explore some of the other amps - and this thread has given me some pointers on where to start, so thanks! Useful resourse linking real life names to Helix names is at https://helixhelp.com/models. One thing I learned already - check out the cab options, and the mic options on the cab. They can have a huge impact on the sound before you even touch the amp controls. +1 on Jason Sadites you tube channel - an enormous amount of great information and pointers there!
  2. Hi I'm no expert - but might be worth considering putting one modeller in the loop of the other - should be possible to get more control of whether you hear, one, the other, or both? Happy experimenting!
  3. If you want my advice - stop wasting time - get either one, and start playing guitar... I'm sure they are both brilliant - but my money is in a Helix - the user interface makes it so easy to use.
  4. I have no experience of this - but I think low voltage of helix is much safer than a valve amp if you decide it needs a shower...
  5. Hi Thaw - looks like you have this pretty much covered - and if you work on a per preset basis within a setlist will get pretty much everything you want. Small point - Line 6 won't pick up ideas from this board - but if you submit to their ideascale process and enough others agree then it might arrive in a future update. There is, sadly, only so much DSP...
  6. Hi Tim Welcome to the forum - there seems to be a huge depth of experience and help here - and a welcome source of banter... I sometimes have a habit of stating the blindingly obvious, so if you know this already sorry to waste your time, but... The general advice for creating a sound is to check out the artist's preferred equipment and start from there - so if I was after that sound, based just on what I can see in the background I'd try Marshall or Orange models. Then try the gain and tone controls, and also the mic setting in the cab model if you're using the standard cabs - that sounds to me like a pretty basic tone so you should be able to get pretty close... If not, you're learning all the way! Best source I've seen for real detailed advice on setting up amp settings is a series of videos by Jason Sadites - he goes into detail on compression and eq and all kind of things a recording engineer might do (that I don't really understand). Good luck - and hope the Helix works for you
  7. I thought the world was flat, balanced on four elephants that are supported by a turtle - couresty of Terry Pratchett. He doesn't say what the Turtle stands on,m but the rimfall is supposed to be beautiful... Old Hi Fi amplifiers had a "loudness" button - boosts bass and treble so that low volume sounds more like loud - couresty of Fletcher Munson. Like they say - it's just the way that ears work. Just one note of caution - loud is good, but too loud too long or too often, at least for me, means tinnitus and inability to hear really high frequencies. Doesn't matter if it's monitors or headphones for this particular application.
  8. Hi Amenity Great distraction - and an incredibly understanding wife! Just build some patches - and enjoy. Personally, I found that tweaking the mic used in the cab settings could make a huge difference. If you're up for a more detailed explanation from someone who really knows - check out Jason Sadites - how to create a great tone series on the interweb... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dan5B0Ydfqk Maybe you can find enough neigbours for a balcony band? There are guys on the forum here who know a great deal and always try to help - so welcome!
  9. Merry Christmas all! And a great big thank you to the guys on here regularly offering great advice to all - you know who you are. And in case I forget, Happy New Decade!
  10. I suspect they don't want to share industry secrets - They'll tell us it's just magic...
  11. Just updated from 2.54 - all went to plan...
  12. mrkphpps

    Helix II

    Theres another one - I haven't learned this one yet...
  13. Feffa i if you are talking about my posts - I'm sorry - but I am not complaining. Line 6 are great, I couldn't be happier with my Helix - I just think you should look carefully at the things you have available before you complain - like this forum - so many people trying hard to help. This is not a frying pan - and that is hard enough to work with - you have to know your tools.
  14. Forrest was very wise in many ways - but I could easily mess this up if I didn't prepare properly
  15. I was joking - this is not a tuner thread - sorry - my bad
  16. Is there something wrong with the tuner - it works for me? Hides under bed waiting for many bad replies...
  17. Thank you JP and Spikey - I know it won't work for everyone - I think that was the point I was trying to make - some people expect a DOH button to solve everything - and that just doesn't work.
  18. I don't often feel the need to comment - but on this one I cant resist. I agree with everything all of you have said - but there seems to me to be something called common sense and problem solving that can't be taught. I once had a colleague who had done a load of work, saved in on a floppy disk - and next day it wouldn't load. He was meant to be my manager. I asked the obvious question - it worked, yesterday - it doesn't work today - what's different? He said he was using a different computer at the office yesterday - I suggested he might want to change desks and try in that computer. It worked - then I told him to make back up copies and use mutliple disks. It would be better if everything worked at the push of a Doh button - but sometimes you need to stop and think - and even read the instructions. It doesn't just apply to Line6 and Helix - it applies to everyhthing. And in my opinion it works.
  19. I think they had to build something a little bigger than a guitar amp to find the Higgs Boson - check out cern. If you want my opinion - home is home - out is out - anything that works at gig volume is going to rattle the windows and annoy the neighbours. Actually - my KRK 6s are capable of that... At home - you probably need the JBLs - if you gig then you definitely need something a little bigger. Either way, Fletcher and Munson will interfere...
  20. Good call on getting monitors - you won't regret it. Personally I have KRK Rokit 6's - they do the job extremely well in my opinion, especially in a small room - you can crank them to gig like volume without distortion, which is important when dialling in patches. Just over 300 euros though.
  21. May I add my vote of support too. Never been near a wildfire - but I too want to know you are all safe. Sounds like you've done the right thing by moving away - best wishes to you and all your neighbours...
  22. Knee jerk advice, teaching granny to suck eggs and all that, but set the tone as close as possible to the volume you intend to use it. Sounds great at bedroom volume will always sound awful with the wick turned up to compete with the drummer... Something about how ears work - Fletcher Munson or someone?
  23. In extreme cases, the goat might not be enough - you'll need Antlotl blood and a scraper... Seriously, my helix did have plastic on the scribble strips - but if it's not a problem, leave it there for a while, it's just an extra protective layer...
  24. I went through Pod XT, Pod HD500 and Pod HT plus DT 25. All sounded good to me, and gave plenty of options on how to interface with a PA for the sound guy. Only your ears and hands will tell you whether the sound and feel is better - but the display, scribble strips, capacitive footswitches and the rest make for a hugely different experience. So intuitive and easy to program. Personally, I think the sound is much better too, but I may be biased having made the investment. Evolution or revolution doesn't matter - that's Line6's problem. Yours is whether you like Helix enough to buy - I'm happy that I did.
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