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  1. Hey, hope someone can help me....tried searching but wasn't able to find exactly what I'm looking for. I recently picked up a used Line 6 Spider III amp. Love it....I've been looking for a Line 6 amp for awhile now, and this one just kinda fell on my lap. I already have a Line 6 KB1 with pod farm I picked up years ago for my PC, but I wanted the amp for actual gigging. My PC setup just won't cut it! ; ) Anyway....I'm looking for a footboard controller that I'll be able to use with this amp. I'd like something that I can hook up to my PC and edit sounds then download them to the amp...I believe the FBV3 will do this? Can I use it with an older Line 6 amp? The amp does have the Ethernet style FBV controller jack. Like I said, I bought it used with no manuals....I did find the manual online, but it doesn't tell me much as far as newer Line 6 technology goes... What's the best footboard for this amp? Thanks in advance for any insight.... Cheers! PK
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