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  1. I am currently trying to use the TRS jack to connect my line6 pod HD Desktop to the zoom q8. I could record the guitar sound from the pod HD. But there are also many noises in the video. So do I need to use the direct box or anything else in between to eliminate the noises? Remark: I had tried to use the Phones Output or the Unbalanced Output to connect to the TRS/XLR combo jacks of the zoom q8. But both methods also have the noise.
  2. How to disconnect or eject the USB port of the POD HD from window or mac properly? I cannot find the usb eject option like other usb devices. So I just turn off the POD HD. But after I do that, the window xp will go to the out memory blue screen and the mac os will restart immediately. Do anybody have the same experience? How do you disconnect or eject usb port of the POD HD from window or mac?
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