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  1. Hi, Could please give more details, I am completely blocked. I can record anymore. I juste bought a new Mac, and with Catalina it doesn't work. When you say "In drivers I scrolled down to this driver Version 7.6.8" can you send me the link cause in your link we see this : thank you
  2. Hi I used to work with My Line 6 UX2 where I plug my microphone with my MacBook Pro. Recently I decided to buy a new MacBook Pro under Catalina... And from that moment, my UX2 doesn't work anymore. I made some researches and finally found that apple does not accept the podfarm app anymore. Do you think LINE 6 is going to update PODFARM so I can use it again or do you think I should by a new machine ? I know it is a 10 years old machine but.... I am so disappointed.... If you have any solution (except installing back the older version of Mac OS...) Thks...
  3. Hello, does anyone know how to make a Line 6 UX2 work on Mac OS El Captain ? I can't use it anymore... Thank you !
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