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  1. Hi- Will my UX2, with PodFarm 2.6, allow me to record using Logic on my Mac Book Pro using Catalina? I used to really like the Line 6 tools as a primary recording setup with Logic, but then they started to fall behind each macOS update and I just looked elsewhere. I don't want to do anything fancy--just three or four guitar tracks. Is this hopeless?
  2. Before Toneport became Pod Farm, there was a clean setting called "Blue Bayou" which I loved & used often. Wondering if anyone remembers it or knows how to approximate that sound in Pod Farm. Thanks, and Happy 2018 to all!
  3. OK--turns out there is an issue with the MacOS High Sierra System Preferences/Security & Privacy that prevented the drivers from downloading despite having the setting set to allow DLs from Apple AND other developers, so I didn't have the drivers. There was a message at the bottom of that preference pane indicating that "Software from Line 6 was not installed", which can be over-ridden manually. Thanks to Line 6 for terrific support!
  4. I have an account, after installing, it will not let me register the device as the license manager does not see it. It is there, in my Applications/Line 6 folder, but not seen by the License manager & thus not registered.
  5. I got a USB to USB-C adapter, DL'd & installed PodFarm, Monkey, License Manager & Updater, but it will not recognize or allow me to license or register PodFarm. Please don't tell me that Pod farm is an extra purchase not included with Pod Studio UX2. That would be beyond belief, considering that the packaging for PodStudio UX2 says "includes PodFarm, 23 guitar & bass amp models, 29 cab models, 6 mic pre amp models'. Please tell me they aren't expecting me to shell out another couple hundred bucks for PodFarm...
  6. Thanks for the quick response. Adapters are no problem, they’re abundant. Hope to be able to get to it tonight!
  7. Hi-- I recently purchased a refurb UX2 and wanted to install it on my new MacBook Pro i7 2.5/16/512, but there is no CD/DVD drive for the software install and the only ports are Thunderbolt (USB-C). Any advice on getting my UX2 up & running with this computer would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Hi: Newb here. Wondering if I can use Sonic Port as an interface with iOS Garage Band & the Garage Band amp models WITHOUT running signal thru Mobile POD first? Thanks for any help or advice offered.
  9. Hi-- Several years ago, I used the Line 6 TonePort UX1 to record small guitar studies, usually no more than 4 guitar tracks, using the Toneport UX1 as an audio interface into Logic on a MacBook Pro. I retired from playing from several years, but am now returning to the fold. My question is whether the Toneport UX1 is still supported, hardware, software, or both. I'd be running into a 2008 MacPro w 4 GB Ram running 10.11 El Capitan, 2.4 GhZ Intel Core 2 Duo processor. Any help much appreciated! Thanks!
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