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  1. Yes you can do that at your home but why would you play wirelessly at home? i am still suffering from dropouts as soon as i move away from my pedal board... maybe go of the stage during a sound check. i beleive this is a early production flaw and it must be resolved at the moment since there are so little posts here.
  2. That sounds like a reasonable cause of the problem, do you by any change made pictures of how it's done?
  3. is this issue still being investigated or not? will there be a firmware 1.04? the problem doesnt occur on G30 or G50. or was this just a bad (first) batch of transmitters?
  4. i am returning my transmitter to Line6. hopefully the new one will work. @megawattharry i dont think your ramblings add anything to the discussion. But i do wonder if Line6 is aware of this issue at all? are you still investigating drop outs or do you keep telling customers to rescan?
  5. Thanks for the Link, my bandmates are in RF2 mode so that should be ok, can you tell me whether Dutch gprs, 3g and 4g mobile phone frequencies are likely to match or interfere with the G70?
  6. When i log into my wifi router at home i have 12 channels to choose from, so does the G50. when i do the channel select i choose the one that has the least interference between 13 and 16. other band members have older line 6 devices so they should be between 1 and 12. is this a correct way of thinking or do these channels overlap each other?
  7. Firmware has been updated to 1.03. I do channel search before a show at the venue but problems only seem to occur when crowd arrives. I had my local guitar builder/repair guy check the cable aswel. Testing also included wireless rehearsing for about 3 sets of penlites without dropouts. I believe these quick dropouts are a result of antenna switching, right? it's never been more then a second
  8. I beleive this product still requires a lot of development, i have been experiencing severe dropouts on stage, even when standing 2 meters away from the receiver. there is a blop 1 second of silence, blop and back. On average i get one of those every 15 minutes. There must be some bugs left in the firmware of this device. I was using a G30 before and never had any problems (of this type). From reading this topic i am not the only one, are you still investigating this problem?
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