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  1. Hi Psarkissian, Thanks for your fast reply. I'll get it. I am going to let the valves change as soon as possible. But coming back to the problem that I described? Do you really think this was a tube problem? I wonder because the clean channel worked well. It was just that I wasn't been able to switch to one of the presets with distortion - well the distortion went away in a sec or using the left knob to switch to a distorted amp model. The solution for the rehearsal was increasing the gain - then I had distortion. Also if it was a tube problem why do they suddenly work again at home? I would bet it might be an electronical problem but I am not an expert. However I will have my backup tonight in case it happens again also tomorrow. And then bring this lady to the store for replacement and full check. Thanks a lot. Best, Andy
  2. Hi Psarkissian, To be honest? I did not change the valves at all. However I do not play very often. But now comes the surprise. I just put the setup together at home and voila it works like a charm! No clue what it was in the rehearsal room. Could it be that the amp does not work well with the speaker there? Nevertheless I am going to have a backup for the next gigs. If someone could shade some light on this it would be nice. I do not want to have this surprise the next time... Best, Andy
  3. Hi guys, Yesterday I had a very bad experience when doing rehearsal with the band. Especially because we are going to have a gig tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I won't be able to use this amp. After switching it on I was not able to switch to a preset that had distortion. I first thought it was a failure because of the pedal board so I unplugged the board. But apparently the same behavior was when using the channel switches on the amp directly. I figured that I could not even manually use the amp model knob correctly. Every time it seemed to have a distorted channel the sound was gone in a sec. Another issue bothered me. Even when the sound was clear sometimes I heard a knock-knock, similar as I would bounce the bass string onto the pick-up. Any idea what that problem could be? TIA Best regards from Germany, Andy :-)
  4. Hi, I have a HD100 and saved my sounds using the software Spider Valve MkII Edit. I wonder if there is any POD I can use for smaller gigs where I can upload the sounds from the HD100 that brings me the same sounds. Can anybody tell? Thanks in advance, Andreas
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