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  1. Hi i just bought the amplifi 150 got home connected everything up and paired it to my Samgsung Galaxy2 and only the media player worked so i figured it must be because my phone is a few years old.So i go and buy a Samsung Tab get back pair it up and the same thing has happened only the media player works.I have a few issues with some other products from Line6 but time is a healer and i thought i would give them another go....what a joke this piece of crap is going back to the store.Well done Line6 on another piece of junk undeveloped rubbish.And before people jump up and down about me being a troll blah blah blah you must understand that i want this thing to work but it clearly has problems and im not the only one having this very issue.Well never ever again and this is why EX3 live...smoked Hd500 ....firmware issues it was replaced twice Variax.....smoked stopped working Am i a little feedup ....that aint the half of it So if someone has a solution im all ears but im betting there isnt one :angry:
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