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  1. My UX2 and computer are both on driver, which hasn't been updated in two years... Since the new updates to Windows 10, I've had to keep re-installing these drivers to get the UX2 to work again.
  2. Got an update about a week ago for my PC, and my UX2 has constantly been playing up since. Keep getting the blank VU meters with the red clip dots alternating when it's plugged in. I reinstall the drivers and it'll work fine for a couple days maybe but then it just stops working for no apparent reason again. I don't get how it is being so unstable?
  3. So a year and a half later... And the problem is still there! Haven't worked out a solution. Noticed it happens less or not at all when I'm using High Gain amber or lower, which is annoying because I want to start using Metal amber a little more, but with the gain and bass at 12 o clock! Not possible thanks to this bug. Really frustrating. And odd how no-one from Line 6 or anyone who knows a fair bit about the amp has a solution. A real shame as it makes me want to stop using this amp!
  4. As the title says, when I select an amp model and then begin to either change the drive or bass settings, the setting I put seems to be affecting the amp model selector - ie if I choose the 'metal' channel and start turning the gain to 9 o clock, 'Class A' is being selected on the amp models. This hasn't happened before, and it's incredibly annoying. Is there a way for this to be fixed?
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