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  1. I'm getting some odd behavior sending program change midi messages to the helix from Ableton. The first time I send a given PC message, the preset selects fine. But then the second time I send the same PC, the helix always selects preset 000 in the same bank. (So if it's PC 3, the first time it correctly selects PC 003, and then on the second PC 003, the helix switchs to preset 000.) I don't have a midi sniffer attached (since on PC you can only attach one midi device to the helix interface as far as I can tell), but I'm pretty certain I'm only sending the one PC message, but I'm not sure if there's something with helix echoing it's own PC messages somehow. (The Send/Receive PC messge option is naturally on, nothing else in the midi chain, latest firmware, no instant commands.) Any one else observing something similar? Any suggestions or potentially obvious issues? (I'm fairly new to midi in ableton, could certainly be something silly on my end!) Much obliged!
  2. So out of sheer curiosity I had to open it up, and sure enough, the micro-usb jack is mounted directly to a smaller PCB, so there's nothing but a bit of solder standing between you and failure from a light hit - as thse posts would indicate. (Clearly this thing is not meant to be opened though, which is understandable, so I retract my complaint about the screws at the very least - wouldn't want to be unfair!) I liked it enough that I almost considered getting another, but given that the design flaws make it unlikely to survive more than a couple trips out of the house (and require a seperate AC jack), I'm gonna have to wait for a better V2 for anything other than a practice accessory. Shame..
  3. I broke mine after very light use as well. Even structured the board to protect the usb cable (which was a waste of space given it sticks straight out), but must have hit it at a weird angle packing it up or something - it's pretty loose now and won't power on. Shame since it's an otherwise great device, but the design choice just baffles me. And when you refer to cell phones/etc using micro-usb, that's because there's a clear need for general interoperability, so you can charge it just about anywhere, etc - none of which applies here. What's the most common use case? On a friggin pedal board, so why would you choose something that's not compatible with any pedal power source?? And then on top of that to stick a fragile usb port straight out the back of this thing - did you even think about your target audience at all? (I also tried to open it up and see if there wasn't something to solder back on - and maybe change the angle of the port or whatever if it's not fab'd onto the PCB, only to find that the screw is stuck under the XLR jack. So I'm gonna have to cut around it or drill it out or something - just gave up for now. But really guys?) Blows my mind really - an otherwise great product and you build in fatal flaws that show a clear lack of thought for the target audience, and I've seen this in almost every line6 product I've bought. (DT Amp, Variax, Firehawk FX) The one exception is the helix, which I have to say is killer and definitely had plenty of thought put into it. So what gives? Can you please have whoever was in charge of the helix design look over the rest of your products before they go to manufacturing?!
  4. I'm sure I'm gonna kick myself the answer is so obvious, but for the life me I can't figure out how to turn off the tone completely. (The amp and FX dials are easy enough of course.) I'd just like to use the looper and absolutely no tone modification at all. Can anyone tell me how to not select any tone at all? For a while there I thought the presets were just setting the individual FX levels, but I've tried manually dialing down every FX knob as well, and I just can't seem to get it to sound entirely clean. Is there a modeling bypass as it were, or is there no way to record/loop just the analog signal? Much appreciated!
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