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  1. first band practice with new 240HC...after an hour the FBV Shortboard MkII would no longer control the amp head. I would switch channels at the shortboard and it would just blink at me. Hand to manually change channels for the rest of practice...three hours more. This has happened a few times in the five days I have had the new amp head. seems like it gets tired of controlling the head or the head gets tired of being told what to do. One last thing -- love the amp but WHOLLY CRAP the volume setting between channels is so far apart and re/setting or setting new sounds is like dialing in the space shuttle as it goes mach 72 past Mars. Need a windows based editor BIG TIME...only seems to have one app...iPhone or standing at the amp head all day.
  2. yes...toggle switch on the back allows you to turn off the built in speakers. They are fantastic when on with an acoustic guitar! The presets are KILLERS...just need to get used to the new order vs. what I had everything set on with the IV combo and head. ...fast learning and very impressed.
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