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  1. nitefly5151

    Can't register, therefore can't download tones

    I was eventually able to download patches without registering. This could be closed if anybody has those permissions. Thanks to all who answered.
  2. I get an error trying to register, it doesn't make any obvious sense and I don't know what could be wrong. It found the serial number itself (connected by USB). I'd like to download some new tones, but can't. Help? TIA
  3. nitefly5151

    Four cable question

    I have a POD HD500 I'm connecting via the four cable method to a 6505+ combo. I have it working ok with the patches that use the 6505+ preamp, but when using other models, the dirty sounds don't come through dirty. I can hear some difference between models, so I think they're working, but I'm curious what's going on. Any thoughts?
  4. nitefly5151

    Four cable question

    I'm using the four cable method with a POD HD500 (realize this is the x3 forum, but I started here, so I thought I'd just jump on this thread and see what happens). When I change amp models, I hear a difference, but dirty models don't come through dirty. Does this ring any bells to anybody?
  5. nitefly5151

    Four cable question

    I'll have patches where I want to use it and ones where I won't. It's a 6505+, so when it is adjusted for a good dirty sound, it doesn't get a great clean sound. So for clean sounds I would like to use one of the X3 preamps. But you just shut off the effects loop in the settings and that's it? That simple?
  6. nitefly5151

    Four cable question

    If I use the "four cable method", can I avoid using my amp's preamp altogether? If so, could you explain? TIA.