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  1. And not to rant, but I really don't want that kind of condescending oversight from Line6, thinking that it's better to constrict users' freedom so they won't confuse themselves with all the options. It's assuming we're a little too stupid to figure out what we're doing. If that's the case, just bury the "advanced" things inside a deeper menu, where the casual guy won't see them and get all "duuuuh", but that us tweakers can get to if we need. That's the kind of mentality I'd expect from Apple, which is the precisely why I use Android :P
  2. Thanks, I get what you mean. Although I guees Line6 could simply implement different behaviours when assigning footswitches. "Toggle State" seems to be the only current behaviour, but I think "TURN ON" and "TURN OFF" would be cool. You could set a single swtich to ALWAYS turn on a series of blocks, regardless of their current states, AND also have single switches assigned to each one, to be able to turn them off individually if needed. Or, if we're talking about parameters,in addition to the current "TOGGLE BETWEEN X AND Y VALUES", we could get simply "SET TO X VALUE", so you could effectively simulate a 3-channel amp by having three switches comanding the amp's parameters to different levels. I mean, since we're living in the digital world, we should be able to not only simulate the analog realm, but also to surpass what is possible in real life, right? :) And with the whole "spillover" debacle going on, since we're to be confined to a single Preset to get sipllovers, we should be able to control everything within that preset as freely as possible, me thinks. Is this what people normally refer to as "scenes" in this thread? I never used another modeler aside from the X3/HD500/HD500x, so I'm not familiar with the concept. Is something like this already in IdeaScale?
  3. Can you assign the same parameter to multiple controllers? Say, I want to assign the "Volume" parameter to the Exp. Pedal from 0-80%, to do volume swells, and also assign a footswitch to toggle between 80% and 90%, for a solo boost. Can that be done? If so, how would the two controllers wok together?
  4. Could someone please clarify this for me: If I'm running two XLR outs to the FOH, would the "Dual CAB" block be summed to center/mono or panned in stereo hard L/R? If it's the latter, what would be the practical difference from splitting the paths and running two separate "single CAB" blocks in parallel paths A and B? To simplify: Amp > Dual CAB > XLR outs vs Amp > CAB > XLR L > CAB > XLR R
  5. I have a question about the Slipt Crossover function: Does it work polyphonically? Meaning, could you set up a tone for your bass strings and another for the trebble strings and do chords with it? I'm imagining a jazz scenario with an octaver for the low-E and A strings for walking-bass comping. I think the GT100 had this feature, but it would get all crazy when you tried doing chrods with it.
  6. Could anyone clarify the difference between AMP+CAB and AMP, or between AMP and PREAMP? Thanks
  7. It seems there are separate blocks for ap sections, after all! Amp + CAB Amp Preamp CAB IR (Impulse Response) So you could run a virtual FX Lopp by running PREAMP -> effects -> CAB/IR, no? Paul just did that in this clip: https://youtu.be/RuZurmlRlUM?t=21m1s Also, could anyone clarify the difference between AMP+CAB and AMP, or between AMP and PREAMP? Thanks
  8. Could you elaborate on the first limitation about Inouts and Variax? Didn't quite get what you meant
  9. Thanks I figured it was something about the DSP limit. But it's weird since the patch he's running is only a fender blackface, a compressor and a reverb. Then trying to add a second amp and they're almost all greyed out. So I'm hoping this is just a pre-production firmware issue, right? Also, does this division of DSP 1 and 2 means that if I'm using just one, really long and complex path, I can't assing both DSP chips to that same path? Is there a limit of FXs that can be placed on a single path one after the other?
  10. In the sweetwater demo when he cycles between the amp, a lot of them are greyed out. What does that mean?
  11. It's good to hear that's possible on the bank up/down switches, I think that should be applied to the MODE and TAP switches as well. Let the out-of-box default be those specific functions, be let the user decide if they really need those to be there at all times. On my HD500x I very rarely use the tap tempo and almost never the looper, so I basically have two "useless" switches at all times. I'm definately glad to see the looper is freely assignable on the Helix, maybe the same principle can be applied to the tuner/MODE/tap?
  12. Are the MODE and TAP footswitches assignable as well, or are they locked to those functions? I can't see much use for a dedicated MODE switch to toggle between preset and stombox modes mid-song, so could I use that switch for something else?
  13. IT HAS A POWER SWITCH!! I'm sold :)
  14. Yes, I meant it'd be a no brainer to get the Firehawk for HD300 and HD400 users. The firehawk doesn't seems like a direct upgrade to the HD500, but it clearly edges out the 300 and 400.
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