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  1. logicbdj

    G10 wireless does not like piezo?

    OK, that didn't work... sucked the life out of my tone. The transmitter also doesn't work with one of my Ibanez guitars... the input is too deep for the G10T to fit (even with the adapter).
  2. logicbdj

    G10 wireless does not like piezo?

    On a related note, I have a transformer from Radio Shack (The Source) that's about 3-4 inches long... you plug a 1/4 inch and it's end is 1/4-inch. When I use that in the guitar (along with the G10T) it works fine without any high-pitched hum. And so, although a bit of a long thing sticking out, it works. Yes, the guitar does have a TRS... it includes a cable that allows you to split the signal to two different amps.
  3. logicbdj

    G10 wireless does not like piezo?

    Thanks for the suggestion... that does work. The only issue is a high-pitched hum that I can't eliminate.
  4. logicbdj

    G10 wireless does not like piezo?

    Hi... Even with the G10T pushed all the way into my Parker Dragonfly guitar, I get no signal from my piezo bridge pickups. Is this typical? No problem in using a cable, but I often blend my pickups and prefer the G10 system due to its clarity. Any advice?
  5. logicbdj

    Spiver V 60 is garbage

    Here is the demo I did on the distortions, modulations, delays, reverbs, etc.
  6. logicbdj

    Spiver V 60 is garbage

    I may be dividing up this video (due to its length) and I have another on all the effects... but I think it sounds pretty good... recorded via Shure SM57 and without tweaking any of the settings or amps.
  7. logicbdj

    Spiver V 60 is garbage

    Are you referring to the original V 60 or the new MK2?
  8. logicbdj

    Spider V Mkii

    Maybe Glenn Fricker will change his mind on the hi-gain tones with this new model (firmware) release.
  9. logicbdj


    I registered a Spider V MKII and never received any such code. I did contact support and I'm waiting. If it is 'somewhere' and I'm not seeing it, do provide some direction; thank you.