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  1. A video demo that covers sounds, but also features:
  2. This problem is not causing any noise issues, but it's annoying, since everything was fine until now. With the interface not even connected and with nothing plugged in (I only had the USB and line out to a mixer with the same issue) my meter levels show maximum output. With things plugged in, they are merely maximized... but with things unplugged, the meters are maximized AND the 'clip' lights are flashing back and forth.
  3. I should add the following... I'm using ASIO for All driver... does that mean I can use the UX8 without having to use the POD software... so that I can plug in my guitar (with any of my effects) and record direct to my DAW without any added software? Thanks.
  4. With it no longer being made, and it came out during Windows XP, is this hardware worth buying anymore and with current computer software? I know someone selling it for $300 Canadian (likely about $225 US). I really don't need 8 channels or anything, but the rackmount design interests me and my current interface is mono and I would prefer something stereo.
  5. I do gear reviews and may doing some on amp heads.
  6. I would hate to spend the money, but I presume something like this is better: https://www.long-mcquade.com/72643/Guitars/Guitar_Amps/Rivera_Amplification/Mini_Rockcrusher_Recording_Load_Box.htm
  7. I was thinking of doing this on the cheap, with the Bugera load box. That's all that is required? See item below. https://www.long-mcquade.com/104494/Guitars/Guitar-Amps/Bugera/PS1-Passive-100W-Power-Attenuator.htm#Reviews-tab
  8. To hook up a regular amp head to the Powercab, is a Load Box all that is required?
  9. I had these issues... flashing red, not charging, etc. I posted something to that effect weeks ago and before the firmware update released. I was told to send the base in for repairs, which I did. It was not suggested that the new firmware would fix things. No idea when it will return, due to the world-wide shutdown.
  10. Are you pressing the SAVE button twice, and after all the editing is done? Once to engage the 'save' process... then another to the preset number to make it official.
  11. Live Ready Sound has very good IRs. Here is a demo I did, which I also posted as its thread:
  12. I've been using my Powercab with analog gear for the most part. Here is a short demo with the three V4 Preamps by Victory (Sheriff, Countess and Kraken).
  13. Neither charging now. It must be the charging dock.
  14. I have two G10 s... one is OK, whereas the other is not charging. The G10S charging station shows the green lights sifting up (as though it's charging), but you can keep it there for hours and nothing happens (when you plug in the guitar it shows very little charge left). The light on the G10 battery slowly flashes green when in the charger... as if to suggest it is charging. Any input? The unit is less than a year old.
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