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  1. Look here https://line6.com/software/index.html
  2. I have this problem one the HP Laptop from my son, on my computer isn’t not a problem. Strange thing is 1.03 is working, with some limitations, you can search for tones one custom tones and import them into Spider Remote Not ideal but at least you can manipulate the spider.
  3. I have this problem on a HP laptop from my son, spider remote 2.0 is not working can not find a work around it. Version 1.03 though is working, the only thing your missing here is finding tone in the cloud. Can't figure out why 1.03 is working and 2.0 is not, very annoying.
  4. Try a factory reset, had some problems with the V120 from my son, and this helped.
  5. Maybe you can try some from this guy, some sounded very good to me https://www.vip-guitar.de/line-6-spider-v-mkii-presets/
  6. I think this is not possible, only with FBV-3 pedal or front amp.
  7. I'm sorry I'm on Windows, they are the same settings.
  8. ` I'm sorry to hear, on my system it did work, I will try just the separate files maybe this works? 01A Arachnid Rhythm .svl6p 01B Web Lead .svl6p 01C Silky Deluxe .svl6p 01D Spider Acoustic .svl6p 02A Jazz Clean .svl6p 02B Blackface Lux .svl6p 02C Double Verb .svl6p 02D A-30 Top Boost .svl6p 03A Acoustic Rhythm.svl6p 03B Acoustic Chorus .svl6p 03C Acoustic Pluck.svl6p 03DAcoustic APX.svl6p 04A Citrus D-30.svl6p 04B O Breakdown.svl6p 04C Bomber Uber.svl6p 04D Solo 100 Head.svl6p 05A Brit J-800.svl6p 05B Tread Dual.svl6p 05C L6 Big Bottom.svl6p 05D L6 Insane.svl6p 06A Synth_ Lead.svl6p 06B Synth_ 8-Bit.svl6p 06C Synth_ Seismik.svl6p 06D Synth_ Vibrato.svl6p 07A Mod_ U-Vibe.svl6p 07B Mod_ Rotary.svl6p 07C Mod_ Auto Wah.svl6p 07D Mod_ Phase Air.svl6p 08 BFX Rezodecay.svl6p 08A FX Shoegazer.svl6p 08C Fuzz P-Haze.svl6p 08D Fuzz Hot Fuzz.svl6p 09A Rock Clean.svl6p 09B Rock Rhythm.svl6p 09C Rock Crunch.svl6p 09D Rock Solo.svl6p 10A Indie Rhythm.svl6p 10A Metal Rhythm.svl6p 10B Metal Clean.svl6p 10C Metal Djent.svl6p 10D Metal Solo.svl6p 11B Indie Clean.svl6p 11C Indie Lead.svl6p 11D Indie Solo.svl6p 12A Blues Rhythm.svl6p 12B Blues Clean.svl6p 12C Blues Lead.svl6p 12D Blues Rotary.svl6p 13A Country Clean.svl6p 13B Country Slap.svl6p 13C Country Lead.svl6p 13D Country Boost.svl6p 14A Jazz Sol State.svl6p 14B Jazz Full Clear.svl6p 14C Jazz Matchbox.svl6p 14D Jazz Dirty.svl6p 15A Teen Spirit.svl6p 15B As You Are.svl6p 15C Everlong.svl6p 15D No One Knows.svl6p 16A Day Tripper.svl6p 16B Fortunate Son.svl6p 16C Fire Woman.svl6p 16D Tie Down.svl6p 17 DWayward Son.svl6p 17A Barracuda.svl6p 17B Another Thing.svl6p 17C Motor City.svl6p 18A Dream On.svl6p 18B Lights.svl6p 18C Little Wing.svl6p 18D Peace Of Mind.svl6p 19A Jungle Slash.svl6p 19B Puppet Master.svl6p 19C Hangar 18.svl6p 19D Cowboys From Heck.svl6p 20A The Trooper.svl6p 20B Tom Sawyer.svl6p 20C Iron Man.svl6p 20D Smokey Waters.svl6p 21A One Bourbon.svl6p 21B Crossfire.svl6p 21C Just Got Paid.svl6p 21D Long Distance.svl6p 22A MSG In A Bottle.svl6p 22B Lovin Touchin Squeezin.svl6p 22C Sweet Alabama .svl6p 22D Rising Sun.svl6p 23A Pull Me Under.svl6p 23B Talkin Bout Luv.svl6p 23C Surfing Alien.svl6p 23D Afterlife.svl6p 24A Heartbreaker.svl6p 24B Say It Ain t So.svl6p 24C ParanoidAndroid.svl6p 24DCrazy Diamond.svl6p 25A Chop Suey.svl6p 25B Wish You Were.svl6p 25C Octave Nation.svl6p 25D Sober.svl6p 26A Canadian Clean.svl6p 26B Got The Greys.svl6p 26C Dev Lead.svl6p 26D Devy Metal.svl6p 27A Galaktikon LD.svl6p 27B Thunderhorse.svl6p 27C AC-Nerdy.svl6p 27D Wicked Clean.svl6p 28A AmbientAco.svl6p 28B DirtyAcoBlu.svl6p 28C Smooth Sustain.svl6p 28D Dreamy Clean.svl6p 29A Linc Dirty.svl6p 29B BestFriendsGirl.svl6p 29C What You Need.svl6p 29D Trem Delay.svl6p 30A Dirt Street.svl6p 30B Clean Your Room.svl6p 30C Monument Chunk.svl6p 30D Dragon Glass.svl6p 31A rev 16 16.svl6p 31B Jellybutter.svl6p 31C Dub-ya Push.svl6p 31D Sugar Skull.svl6p
  9. I've installed spider on several computers win10 with no problem, but now on a HP Pavilion it just won't work, spider 1.03 is working 2.0 does a good install but prog. won't run. Latest win10 version computer new out of the box.
  10. Have the old preset for you Regards Stock Tones.rar
  11. I've exported all tones from my spider V120 when I bought it, I named it nummer it was stored in and the name it had, did the same after updating to MKII. Hope this will help you. Regards Stock Tones.rar 1 Stock tones MKII 2019.rar
  12. Had this problem, had to go back to earlier FW, did a factory reset, installed 2.0 again, factory reset and all was fine.
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