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    Spider V 240 stuck in FX menu

    Had this problem with an older V120, was on first firmware, did not work when I updated 1.02 to 2.0. Then I did all the firmware updates 1.03 than factory reset, 1.04 than factory reset, 1.05 than factory reset, 2.0 than factory reset, now it works like charm. Good luck.
  2. Bert_Peters

    Spider V Firmware - v2.00 for Spider V20?

    Update is there https://line6.com/software/index.html
  3. Bert_Peters

    Spider V MkII Update- new software for Spider V

    I don't know if you solved the problem, but my son has got himself a V120 second hand (I'v got one for a longer time) it was on 1.0.2 updated it to 2.0 and indeed it froze on the amp itself when adjusting fx. When I inserted the Relay G10 wrong icon apert, amp instead off charging.(on my V120 it was as it should be). I started updating 1.03->1.04->1.05->2.0 an saw other changes in the in between updates. It now works just fine no freezing anymore. Hope it helps
  4. Bert_Peters

    Version 2.0 of V Remote does not work for Windows

    I'm using x64, have you got the latest drivers, there was a update a while back.
  5. Bert_Peters

    Version 2.0 of V Remote does not work for Windows

    Sorry can't really help you, maybe uninstall and install again with admin rights? Works fine for me under win10
  6. Bert_Peters

    Mk2 vs Katana

    I've got both of them the 60 at my working desk and yje 120 in my living room both with the fbv 3 pedal. I'm very happy with both of them sound simular but 120 more power. Like the master volume to play with all the settings at lower volume. Nice to crank it up sometimes.
  7. Bert_Peters

    Spider V MKII ( FW version 2.00) Factory Presets

    Txs for the effort!
  8. Bert_Peters

    Real world amp names for modeled amps

    I hope I do not violate any rules, I took the ODT from mr. thorneven and did som copy and paste work, I wandet to find setting faster from original Brand. Spider amps en cabs fx 2019.pdf
  9. Bert_Peters

    Spider Remote on iPad 3 via USB => Bluetooth adapter?

    I connected a Bluetooth receiver at the aux in, works great for playing music from any source to the spider.
  10. Pocket Pod not connecting, windows 10 Vyzex 1.17 installed, any solution?