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  1. Roman1979

    STP "Plush"

    Hello to all, maybe somebody can help me: i'm serching for the guitar sound from STP "plush" for Spider 5 amp
  2. Do anybody know a "good" free drumbeat software for windows 10 which i can use for training lession? finished beats where i can set bpm and genre like i wanna use
  3. Hello to all! i've a big issue here - yesterday i've update my PC from win7 to win10 - and since that my Spider 5 Remote software doesn't start. I've tried to load the newest remote software - and the newest driver - but the remote software start a short time (i can see it in the taskbar - and close after ~ 2 seconds...) I've tried to delete it - and reinstall it many times - without a result...each time the same... The Line 6 Updater runs well - but the Remote Software doesn't... Is there anybode which can help me??
  4. Hello to all, maybe anybody can help me: is there any possibility to connect active speakers to a Line 6 Spider V30 amp? Maybe with the headphone out? The amp is perfect - but with extra speakers it will be gear Br Roman
  5. Hello to all, i'm the first time here and i hope anybode can help me. I try since weeks to get a good tone for distortion and clean for the song "ich tu dir weh" by Rammstein (Kruspe or Landers). Can anybody help me with the Spider V Remote software - for good settings (i know - 100% correct settings are not possible). I've tried some costumer tones from here but i'm not really happy with them. I've also tried to create good tones by myself - but it's not easy. Guitar: LTD EC 256 Spider 5 V30 Spider 5 Remote Software Thanks in advance! BR Roman
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